Book Update And What To Do.

So, I’ll just post this update on my book  and maybe recommend someone elses work.  I think Ive got alot of work to do on my book.  Im sure some of the people Ive talked to or have seen my writing probably could smash the fuck out it with a hammer but thats cool.  I write from the heart and not necessarily grammatically correct. I came from the school of hard freakin knocks.  So, bear with me and my defects.  Its been a process for me to deal with cognitive stuff and then trying to actually write a book.  Especially when not but a few short years ago I was being fed introveneously because my brain couldnt send the signal to my mouth to eat.  So, I think Im ok. Damaged but ok.  So anything I can accomplish is accomplishment. Recently Ive been reading Lilly M Love’s work.  So, she is an accomplished writer who writes in the genre I like.  Dark Suspense stuff.  Interesting stuff no doubt.  So, even though Im fairly new to all of this Ive connected with some cool people who really write masterfully.  It is fascinating to me, to meet someone who  has such expertise,  So yes, she read some of my stuff and ripped me apart which Im glad she did.  I learned alot from her in a short time. Im grateful there.  Now comes the hard part.  i have to put her suggestions to use and learn from all of it. For now I just go slow.  Ive also learned alot from Casey and Larissa.  Not by talking with them but rather from reading and seeing what they do and how they do it.  Very talented young women.  So, its been good for me to learn from them.  I just dont know where to go from here.  Editing and more editing I guess.  I hope everyone has had and is having a good holiday season.


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