What Works And What Don’t

So, today I did some editing on my fiction book.  It seems like even though when i started it and I knew it was mostly just a way of helping me regain some motor skills, its turned into a project.  Like it goes on and on.  Not because I chose to keep it going but I had it critiqued to death so now Im at square one. I should of just let it be and said ahh well, that was an accomplishment.  Even if Im not an accomplished author like Lilly M Love or Casey Voight.  I tried and thats all that matters.  If you talk to people about writing a book. you will hear a variety of responses if you tell them you are writing one.  Here is what Iv’e heard so far.  “Wow, that’s so cool.”  or “How do you find the time?”  or “Why would you do that?” or “Is it finished?” or “Where can I find it?” or Jeez you must have alot of time on your hands or Yea, someday I should do that, I have alot to say.” or “Must be nice, I gotta work my ass off for Joe Fucken Blow for nine bucks and hour.”  So you see where Im going with that.  But initially when I started I have to remember I was writing an autobiography.  And most people write those if they are either famous or about ready to die.  Im not famous.  So, anything more that is icing on the cake for me.  But, it has opened up a whole new world for me and brought many wonderful people into it.  Ive learned and am still learning and beginning to appreciate my life and what I have left. I also found a new passion but I try and go easy with it.  The editing is the toughest for me.  So is the paragraphing and indenting correctly.   That part sucks.  But it is a necessary evil for me right now.  So, my Sunshine Murder book as quirky and off the wall like I am it is finally taking shape.  So, I have to thank a certain lady who lives on the moon and writes magnificently for helping me out.  It’s much appreciated and when she comes down from the moon I hope she can help me more.  So anyway, thats that and its Saturday and theres nothing happening but whats happening now.  I think thats just life.  Live in the moment.


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