Target Store Insanity

Last night I went to Target.  Its here in Durham NC and altough  dont normally go to any of the big yadayada high falutin buy our shit stores I went last night becuase my son wanted some new clothes or to look at them.  I dont know..Whatever.  So we pile into my Tracker and head over there.  Im walking around and Im seeing all this shit.  Last minute 70 percent garbage that is great for piling in your garage and collecting dust. Little ornament shit and candy up the ass and that god knows what its good for.  I mean that store has alot of fucken shit.  So, Im like the miser walking around looking at all this junk thinking what am I doing here?  I see a huge box of Goldfish crackers and Im thinking hmmmm I could buy this big box of Cosco looking crackers and put them in my sons lunch in a little bag.  I mean this thing was like a freakin milk carton.  You may of seen them..  So then I see underwear that I could use I guess.  They are the well Im not sure, not boxers, they look like tight shorts….not tighty whiteys, more like I dont know whatever.  Its this thing of underwear that has like 6 of them. SO I grab those and then Im walking around with the underwear and this big thing of Goldfish crackers thinking what am I doing. Do I even need this  shit?   So I run into my better half and my son after getting all lost in Target and she sees the crackers and is like…”What are you doing?” Im standing there with the crackers and underwear and she just starts laughing at me.  I guess I do things weird.  Like off the wall and theres no rhyme or reason.   maybe its the illness that does it to me, makes me do things that are weird and not really with any purpose. So I say hey these crackers are cheap.  She says we dont need them.  I say Oh…ok…well…theres alot of the little fuckers in there.  Little goldfish things.   Shes like No, we dont so put them back.  In my mind I was thinking hey this is a deal.  So, maybe this is why I dont really shop too much.  It doesnt work.  If I go to the grocery store Ill buy a bunch of stuff that makes no sense too…like a pound of jalapenos.  Who buys a pound of jalapenos?  I do, I guess.   So yea Im weird but Im just trying to help out.  So, anyways, yesterday we went ice skating.  I usually say at the last minute yea I want to go so I end up going.  At first I was thinking I shouldnt cause I am living with this fucked up illness, maybe Ill fall and my brittle bones will break.  Then I say to myself, dude your alive, fucking live ya pussy.  hen the careful side of me says Nooooo, youll get hurt.  Then I finally say, yea but if you dont try you will never experience.  So then I say fuck it and do it anyway. In the end I wind up back home anyway so might as well venture out and try and have fun.  I love the picture Casey Voight sent me, absolutely love it!  It really is cool.  I also like the book Im reading from Lilly M Love aka…moon dweller. So, yea thats me.  Im real fucken simple now….not much going on.  But at least I try.  The ice skating is fun, it gets all dark and stuff when they turn the lights out and they have the  John Travolta disco ball doing its gig and everybody is flying around the rink.=, barely missing me as I move ever so cautiously down the ice.  Ive been editing my book with the Grammerly software.  I dont know if I trust it.  Like is it good software to use?  I dont know, maybe.  We shall see.  I appreciate the likes on my blogs, I have to remember to keep reblogging all of your blogs and comment here and there.  I am glad I can maybe make some of you laugh or cry or yell.  Thats my intention, nothing more. Happy New Year!


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