Another Sad Song

So, its been a couple days since Ive written a post.  Guess Im burnin out a bit.  I have been focusing on the editing on the Sunshine Murders fort he most part but its going well.  Almost complete.  Ive also been learning some new guitar chords.  So, needless to say I made another song on Utube,    Ive got a friend from back in the day who has seen one of them so maybe thats a way some old bros can stay in touch for me.  I dont know.  I like learning new chords and trying to see if my brain can   I havent really paid much attention to my sales on amazon.  I figure its the  writing that matters most, not the sales. So, thats what focus on.  I bought the guitar Im playing in the video for 50 bucks from a college girl.  Then I just tuned it up and it all came together…lol…I used to love playing but when I got sick I stopped.  Now that Im feeling a little better its fun to play.  My problem is the salivary gland disease I have which really fucks me up especially if Im trying to sing.  So thats the deal, its Sunday so I may take my kid and hit some golfballs…Have a good one..

Weekend Plans?

Ok, so I usually dont have many plans for the weekend.   Usually I just write alot.  Im trying to write one thousand words a day on my new book.   Thats really not alot especially if your writing a book.  I mean once you get moving and the story kind of unfolds in your mine, its real easy to find yourself at 5,000 words a a few hours.  My problem now is Im just not motivated as much.  Maybe its all the other shit going on.  Its snowing or freezing rain so, my car is being used because it has a higher profile and good tires. So, since I dont drive so much I just say yea go ahead, use it. Like I said, Im not as materialistic as I used to be.  Its just not that important anymore.  I do like to mess around with stocks here and there and deposit 50 bucks a month in my stock account just for shits and giggles.  I even invested in some Mexican bank stocks..Dont laugh, they have been doing well.  So thats the deal there.  I updated a utube video.   I usually dont do Utube videos but everyonce in a while I will just so people I know will think Im ok and havent died or falling off the planet….lol…So thats the deal there. I have always liked stuff like music and art and sports that are challenging.  Now more so than ever I find myself just picking up the guitar and playing some random riff.  I usually just think it up as I go along.  Like this Madman on A Guitar video clip.  Thats just my nature is to do wacky stuff even though now I am much tamer than I was back in the day.  So, alot of people will probably think whatever to my guitar playing madman sessions.  I have some friends back in San Diego, well one in particular that Ive known for years.  We always considered ourselves best friends or bros. lol..I remember spendng hours hanging out in his backyard which overlooked Lindburgh field airport and pounding beers and then beating up one of those crazy boxing dummies that has the head and upper body of a man.  That was some funny shit no doubt….Couple of drunk idiots beating up a boxing dummy.   I can see my son picking up some of my characteristics.  He doesnt see it but I do.   Chip off the old block I guess.   So anyways thats the update, not much happening…..

Sales On Audible!

I made some sales on Audible On The Sunshine Murders!  This is the new series book which has five tales in the series.  So, Im so happy it made sales just two days  after I updated the book.  Originally it only had three tales of murder and mayhem on the California coast, but now Ive added two more series to it.  The last two wind down John Brodis’ career and it end with his retirement.  This book I spent alot of time tweaking to get it jut right.  o, Im glad that i old some copies right out the gate.  It i a pretty wacky book and although its not too long (Two hours and something( on Audible, its really came out well.  So Im sure my narrator Luke Smith will be happy with the results.  I also have it updated on Kindle and Amazon and it really reads much better.  I wont say how much I paid for the editing but, well…it probably was not in the budget.  Its ok, Ill survive. Im just glad some people thought it was good enough to actually buy it.  I know what other authors go through now.  Initially and even now I dont consider myself a real author but the more I write the more I see what its all about.   Writing is not something where you just visualize and everything just works.  you have to just sit down and write, thats it.  Dont over think, dont project what  may or may not happen.  Just do it.  So thats what Ive been doing.  Some people have told me I write pretty visually which makes me feel good about what Im doing.  And to everyone who has been supportive I just want to thank you.  To Casey Voight, Larissa and the people who have supported me by leaving me positive comments I really appreciate it.  Even my brother Mike has been supportive and I havent seen him in a few years.  The last I saw him was when I was recouperating from the hospitalization.  He is a pretty cool dude.  He was pretty surprised when I came back and began writing after being so sick. I have posted an update on my new book Im writing but I’m not rushing through anything with that one.   Im taking it day by day.  So, thats the deal there.

Dave and his son

Dave and his son

Update On Book.

So, here is a short excerpt from the new book Im struggling though.  It needs editing and changes but its a start.

Chapter Seven

       “So, we will wait I guess.”  Mark looked around the tent.  “Where do we stay if you don’t mind me asking sir?”  The officer pointed to the entrance of the tent.  “Outside there are other tents as you have noticed already.  One is a mess tent, a headquarters tent and we have tent for sleeping, an exercise tent and a showering tent.  Basically we have pretty much all we need to keep ourselves moving along fine.  To the west there is the same.  Desert.  Most people who have tried to travel it in the past have for the most part, not survived.  It’s pretty treacherous as you have probably already found out.  So, right here, for now is our best bet.”  Desiree brushed at her new pair of camouflage pants.  The officer laughed at her efforts to brush off the dust which had collected on the uniform.  “I wouldnt be too worried about that young lady.  Dust and dirt is a way of life out here.  You two are free to look around the compound but don’t answer any questions if you can get away with it..  Just say that the OIC is taking care of things for you.”  The two looked to each other.  “Hmmmm, ok sir, well I guess wel’l just go and take a look around if you don’t mind.”  The officer nodded. “No problem, I’m sure you two have been through alot.  When you are done checking things out, come see me and I’ll set you up with sleeping quarters.” The two thanked the officer in charge and walked out of the tent.  “Yea, said Mark.  “I think we should  be fine here Desiree.  I really do.   I know it’s safer then trying to make it to the coast or even out of the desert the way were going.  I think we should just chill here until something happens.”  “I know Mark, I trust you.  But what is this all about?”  I mean it seems so strange to me.  Is this New World Order something you can live with?  I mean it seesm so weird.”  “Yea, I know, I think ever since the bombings ten years ago the governement has been plannning something like this.  I think it was bound to happen.  Just a matter of time ya know?”  Desiree shook her head in agreement.  “Yes, but…well I think then we may have not been in on this from the beginning.  What I mean is I think we were intended to be victims as well.  If that makes any sense.  And since we survived I wonder if they are thinking this wasnt what they intended.  Like,we werent supposed to survive the plague or the crash.  So, do you think they really want to help us?”  Mark thought a minute.  “You have a point my lady.  I see what your saying.  My dad did talk about it before, about the governement, especially afterth e bombings but….I was so young.  Barely 10 when it happened.  I don’t think I was supposed to be aware of any of it.  I don;t think my parents wanted me to know.  Maybe they figured I would be scared or not understand.”  He looked out to the west again past the compound.  Nothing but desert as far as the eye could see.  “I miss them already Desiree.  Don’t you?   Your parents I mean…miss them?”  “Oh…yes…I do, so much.  Im so confused Mark.  This really makes no sense to me.  All of it.   I mean do you think the governemtn just wants to start over?  Like do you think maybe they did this just to start a new world?”  “Yes, I do.”  said Mark quickly.  “It really looks that way.  I think there were too many people, too many problems and way too many security measures in place.  Since the recession I think many things happened.  People lost so much and began to get nervous.  I dont think they trusted the government anymore.”  “But,  Desiree continued. “to go to such extreme measures and wipe out most of the population is insane!’  “Yes, I know it is, no doubt about it.”  Mark replied.  “So, well…I think thats what happened.  The important thing is we are safe, for now.”  “Yes, I know, but for how long Mark?   Do you really trust the Officer In Charge of this whole place?  I just dont know.  I want to think we are safe but we really need a plan in case things go south for us here, don’t you think?”  He looked at Desiree, this young girl of nineteen in a set of camouflage pants and shirt.  She looked like she had grown up in such a short time.  This time they had been together.  “I think that we should plan something.  I don’t know.  They havent taken the pack.   Not yet anyway.  I dont think they are really planning anything with us.  I just think we should try and hang in there..  But, if something does happen, if we get too deep in this.  Maybe they think we know too much, then we should plan an escape.”  “O.k. Desiree said. “I think you may have a point, we should plan something.  Maybe if we just hang low and wait it out maybe we will figure something out, ya think?”  “Yea, you’re right.  It’s too early to tell.”  Mark looked over at  what appeared to be a few soldiers looking over at them.  He smiled and held his hand up to wave.  “He’s coming over here Mark.”  One of the soldiers quickly walked up to them, his hand on the but of the rifle slund over his shoulder. “Hey, you two!  You have your credentials?”  The soldier looked nervous.  Mark could see he had two stripes running down the sleeve of his shirt.  “Sir, we have been told by the commanding officer that we are ok to be here. There is no problem here.”  The soldier looked quickly away from Mark and his eyes shifted to Desiree.  “And your with him I assume?”  “Yes, we came together.”  She brushed her hair out of her eyes and stared evenly back at the soldier.  “I see, well I will have to check with the OIC about this.  I was not informed of visitors.”  Mark nodded.  “Thats fine, we have a clearence to be here, we have already seen the OIC. ”  “Ok, thats great young man but we have to verify.   Your name?”  Mark breathed heavily. “Name’s Mark, this is Desiree.  We have authorization to be here sir.  Are we free to go?”  The soldier said nothing and waved them on.   The two walked away leaving the soldier staring after them.
    “Interesting  huh?”   Desiree looked back at the soldier who continued to stare back at them..”Yeah, no shit.”  Mark replied slowly.  “I think these people are real nervous ya know?  I cant say I blame them though.  This whole thing is  real trip Desiree. I mean who would of thought this was all planned?  I wonder how long this New World Order has been in the works.  Doesnt make sense to me, not at all.  Guess it shows you never know what the powers that be got up their sleeves.”  “Your so right Mark.  Im sure this stuff has beem going on for a while.  I just wonder how far these people are willing to go to keep this place underwraps.  You think they would kill us if we were to run for it?” “I dont think so, but still, we should be careful.”  He looked over at a tent with the words  “Medical” on it.  “Looks like the fix ya up tent.” he said. “But for what?  I dont see what they would need that for.  This has been going on for a while now, at least three weeks.  I wonder if there are more like us around.” Desiree looked over at Mark with a confused look.  “You mean, maybe they came accross other survivors?  But if they had wouldnt there be more   in the compound?”  Yeah, your right.  Maybe there are some or maybe they left or …maybe…”Maybe what Mark?  Maybe they were killed?”  “I dont know, I dont want to jump to any conclusions just yet.  It’s way too early.”  He reached up and touched her cheek.  “Don’t worry, sweet lady.  We are ok.”  She smiled back at him.  “Yes, I know…I trust you.”

The Sunshine Murders One Thru Five

So, Ive got The Sunshine Murders Series One Thru Five finished and on  I listened to it in its entirety and I have to admit it is pretty good.  The narrator Luke Smith made the book worth listening.  He is a narrator living in Los Angeles and has narrated quite and few books.  I think he really gave it his all.   So, the last two series kind of winds down the career of John Brodis, the lead detective.  His buddy Bill who has a penchant for nasty cheap vendor coffee throws a humourous spin on the book too.   As serious as they take their investigations they also are avid surfers who find a way to put in some surf time.  Of course I wrote this in because Im a surf fanatic myself. So, in the end it came out pretty good.  I dont have a real good marketing plan but thats ok.  Its more of a personal feat for me. I guess its a done deal now, which by the way is one of John Brodis’ tag lines.  “Done Deal”…lol.  Other than that Im jar hanging in here.Life is strange I guess. Some old girlfriends I know have seen what I have been up to and ironcally they are all of a sudden reinterested in me.  I think thats funny but Ive also formed some great new relationships with them even after so many years.  Back in the day I was the nutball, tearing around on a crotch rocket, surfing all the time and guess I had an ego..  All that went away once I was hospitalized.I realized that life is fragile and Im also not immune to lifes misery.  So, maybe I have a little more compassion and empathy then I did before. So, anyways thats the deal with me.  Ive found some new tools to get me through my days.  Its not what I envisioned obviously but its better than nothing.  Ive got some more ideas for my new romance book which is up to about 80 pages. Its tough finding new ideas but Im trying.  In a perfect world I would have alot of people helping me but no…its just me….lol…A struggling new author.Image

Author Website

Ok, this will be short, since Ive already got off to a bad start today.  For anyone who hasnt seen my new author website, here it is.   I looked all over for a good designer and it really is expensive so I decided to just build my own.  I know, boring but it is what it is.  Today it was so cold that my face was burning when walking to the store. I havent felt cold like that in a while.  Its brutal for me.  So, its been rough already today.  I have those days where I just dont have energy and figure its not worth the effort so it gets hard to motivate.  Sorry bout that.  Yesterday I played a little riff on my guitar and put the link up.  Its not that big of a deal, but considering where I was not so long ago its kind of a feat for me.  I only wish I had listened to my dad when I was younger taking lessons.  He was a professional pianist.  After a couple years I flaked out and surfed instead.  Either way its always fun to pick up an instrument and strum a tune.  I recommend it especially when your singing the blues.  So, thats it for me, I still dont have much to saybut keep smiling.  Dave

Loss Of Words Today

Im at a loss of words today.  Ive just got nothing to say.  My book is sitting where it is. Not much I can do there.  I wrote some on my new book yesterday but the drama around here is too much for me.  I just dont want to deal right now.  I see so much nonsense I start to give up like I dont even care to look at it all.  Guess its hard being a stranger in a strange town.  So, I have nothin to say.  I need a break..I see a dumspter that needs a diver outside..

Guitar riff…dont laugh!

So, anyhoos, I thought I would post a Utube video of me playing a riff I thought up on my guitar.  I usually dont play much anymore but I bought a cheap Johnson Guitar so I figured I would play it.  I still have an older Yamaha I got as a present years ago but this guitar was a cool find.  The riff is just something I thought up off the top of my head playing a couple chords.  Im sure some of you can guess what chords they are.  Sometimes my hands get shaky due to living with HIV for over 15 years but Im still kickin.  Im thankful my mind can still process enough to even play!  So, Im posting it here between all of my writing.  Its always good to have a diversion!

Business As Usual

Today is  business as usual for most I guess.  It looks like it around here anyways.  The Blue Collar Blues!  Im not sure what that means but then Ive always been around the Blue Collar scene. Its just now Im living with an illness so I dont actually have to participate in the Blue Collar Woes anymore.  That doesnt mean Im not around it…I am.  Its ok, Ive been through worse. I remember living in the depths of hell, eating muscles off a rock.  My stint as Man Versus Wild.  Lol.  I know…funny huh?  Well, it wasnt at the time.  I didnt have a helicopter overhead with a GPS guiding me through the valleys of darkness.  It was brutal.  The early morning aluminum can scavengers were out in full force and I was in the way.  Speaking of which that is another huge racket. Aluminum Can recycling. I lived through some shit no doubt.  Then I see the media how they focus on stuff like the president, the recent shootings and gun control and all this junk and I realize there are so many people who get lost in the shuffle of life.  No wonder weird stuff happens.  No wonder there are homeless veterans, no wonder HIV is rampant all over the nation and no wonder only a small percentage of the people actually have alot of money.   I mean we are free in this country but we are also free to struggle and its easy to get lost if your not being guided in the right direction.  I once went to Korea when I was 20 in the US Marine Corps. Once we got off the plane there were all these soldiers standing there with machine guns. They looked right through you, didnt even blink.  It was weird no doubt.  Then later in the trip we went to the demilitarized zone which was even more freaky.  I remember it was a trip, all these soldiers guarding this one building and bridge.   The bridge was called no mans land and they were guarding it.  This bridge was between North and South Korea and then a building sat half on the North side and half on the South side.  Once an American soldier tried to cut down a tree that was blocking the guard post so the North Koreans stormed the bridge and killed the guy. So, its a weird place with some weird history.  Now, I look back and think, yea Ive been and seen alot.  My biggest battle to date however has to be living with the HIV virus.  Its brutal big time. I honestly think its an emotional disease more so than a physical disease, for me anyway.  So, since Im such an emotional basketcase, I figure I make a good storyteller.  So, thats a reason I write.  I love creating characters and bringing them to life, like John Brodis in The Sunshine Murders.  I really enjoyed writing it. I honestly did.  Its pretty quirky but I can look at it and say, yea I wrote it.  Its not a best seller, its not even that popular.  But its mine and thats cool.  So, if you ever want to do something out of the ordinary, something different then work the Blue Collar Gig and sit at the bar and complain about Joe Blow who screwed something up on the job, write a book.  Create something that others can read or look at that is cool.  Thats my take anyway.  I got  a kudos  from another friend of mine I used to surf with in High School on my books.   I thought that was cool.  Made me feel like my efforts were being acknowledged.  I mean I don’t know how many people read these blogs or even look at my books but hopefully those who do can see that even people with disabilities can have a voice, however small.  Hopefully it can inspire someone to do more with their time than work and sit at a bar.   Ive done it and know there is so much more to life than living like that.  You just have to believe there is.  Dave


Oh No…My Back!

Today I hurt my back…. getting out of the shower of all places.  I think I tweaked it a little.  Sucks.  So, instead of going to the driving range Ill be hanging out at home doing some more writing on my new romance book.  I got a new message from a friend of mine back in San Diego who I used to hang out with. He is a tile setter and we go back about 15 years.  Im glad hes ok, I was worried about him.  Especially when construction started to tank. I mean it took a huge hit.  I was so busy back in the early 2000s and then all of a sudden nothing.  It just went down the drain.  I need to find some inspiration to keep writing my book.  Ive been slacking off. It happens I guess.  Sometimes I think why bother but then Ill start reading what Ive done so far and then Ill start again.  I think it may be hard because even though Im connected to some great authors, I cant really see myself as being able to compare.  Like Im not good enough.  I know thats not the right way to look at things but for me its a new world.  Ive only been writing books for about a year and a half.  So, yea I need all the help I can get. Tomorrow is a holiday Im pretty sure.  Martin Luther King day?  I thinks so.  I dont really get into all the holidays much.  Its tough for me to understand it all.  Maybe its too political or opinionated for me.  My health is still the most important issue with me right now.  The medications really throw me for a loop.  Im not sure why, It could be the illness of the meds.  Some docs say  the meds are what mess with people, some say its the medications others its the progession of the HIV.  I dont know, theres too much info out there.  I found for me the writing helps me to get my mind off it all.  I usually just set up my ipod and start going. So, with my back all jacked up I think I am once again forced to pick up the pen and paper. I watched one of those shows where they sell houses.  The house being sold was one of those old farm ranch house places.  It reminded me of my old house with 3 acres.  Middle of nowhere with nothing there.  just a big huge lot with all that freakirn grass. Its a nightmare.  usually in communities like those the homes have families who have been there forever.  The brothers or whatever mow the grass and they are people relly set in their ways.  I found that out the hard way at my old house.  Dodging flying wrenches and avoiding beer cans on my mower were the norm.  In the end I walked away.  It was just too much for me.  No thank you. So, as I try and recover again from a jacked up back, Ill do my best to write from the heart and build up my characters.   Sorry, but Sunday seems to draw a blank in my mind.