A kindred spirit in New Zealand

Serendipities of life

New Zealand End-to-End

I always travel solo on my major expeditions. Many people fail to understand why. As a solo rider, one of the major pleasures of such touring is the interface with people from all walks of life. When you are on your own, it is much easier to reach out and meet people, stop and chat to them, share a meal with them, even accept a bed for the night. All this is not quite so straightforward when riding with others.

But that does not mean that I eschew the company of other cyclists. On long trips, a highlight is to meet another rider who is going in the same direction and share a few miles, hours or even days with them, but without the commitment to stay with them for the duration. On my Canterbury to Rome trip in 2010, I met Filipe from Portugal in Lucca

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