Happy New Year!

So, hopefully we  all made it to to the New Year unscathed.  Im sure things will go on for many as usual.  But Im going to try and make a change this year.  Im going to try and be more thankful for what I have and to not get annoyed by other people and their problems and attitudes.  I understand hard times and last night I had someone who was standing close to my house and he was just standing there.  I didnt know what he was doing .  So, after a few minutes I see him walking up to me on my porch.  Im thinking whats this.  Whats this guy want.  So he says happy New Year and Im thinking ok, what does he want.  theres always a catch, it seems around here.  Someone down and out needing help or something so I stay inside now for the most part.  Ive learned not to put myself out there so mch anymore. Especially since I know there are down and outers here.  So he comes up and says hey, I dont want anything.  I just want to say hi.  Im ok, hi.  So he starts talking and hes older, African American andI can smell the alcohol.  I dont care about that, Ive been guilty of getting hammered in the past.  So, hes talking and I find out hes a Navy veteran and he works at the VA under a CWT program.  He was stationed where I was in Japan and like many of us from the 80s who orked overseas I could tell he had been through the ringer in life.  So in the end he was harmless but def had some problems, Ilke all of us I guess.  Im going to try and focus on writing better this year.  Last night I got a compliment from someone in the UK saying they liked my writing.  I think they were refering to my blogging but Im not sure.  So, that was cool.  But Im still in a situation in life.  Still living with HIV and its tough. Sometimes I want to quit and throw in the towel.  Othertimes I get kinda burned out and just want to sit and be quiet.  But theres always something going on so I just deal.Id like to take a trip again before I start to fizzle so next month I may drive to Wrightsville beach (alone) and stay at the Ramada Inn for a week.  Im thinking it would be good for me  to just chill out down there and write.  Im not sure yet.  It will cost about 500 bucks so we will see.  Im not rich, not at all.  I hope everyone had a great celebration and is rested up for the New Year. 


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