Politics As Usual?

Im not sure where alot of people here live but, well Im in the Bible belt and  thIm not Bible Thumper.  Im exCatholic alter boy.  So, for me to even begin thinking about the church, is well not really reasonable.  Why?  Because Im not really religious.  I just dont know  how to be.  I have friends who are but for me well no, it aint working.  I believe in a higher power but thats it.  Yesterday was New Years Day and already I see the drug deals go down.  I mean cmon!  What a start to the New Year.  Some things never change.  I guess it could happen anywhere but me, living with an illness am not really capable of fighting off drug dealers.  I managed to go back ice skating again yesterday.  End of the school break for my son so I splurged…lol. Cost a grand whopping 25 bucks for 3 of us.  But, it was fun and money worth spending.  My book, the Romance one is  getting better and longer.  But its sporadic, I dont write everyday, I think alot has changed with me in the past 5 years.  I want to change for the better but I know I have an illness. So, I hear the whole, everything is fine and this that and the other but inside Im still hurting.  I hate to admit it.  Im hurting from this disease.  Sometimes it feels like Im dying but not like dying dyin, but fading away little by little. I a have been reading “Meet Me In The Dark by Lilly M Love and Im half way though.  The cool thing about the book is I can ask the author about certain parts in the book.  Like if I dont understand. I alao see its politics as usual everywhere.  Hillary is recovering from a bloodclot and who knows what else. Im still writing, doing laundry and dishes and making beds here.  Seems Im missing one thing…an apron. So, aside from watching old reruns of In The Heat Of The Night and reading the new book, Im not doing much.  I feel like I am living on the set of In The Heat Of The Night sometimes.  That small town small minded mindset.  Maybe I made a mistake moving here, maybe I didnt . All I know is what I know. 


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