Days Fly By

Sometimes I feel like days just fly by and Im just standing still.  I do manage to go to the gym and Im back in my routine of gyming. It is becoming less stressful for me but It is something I feel I need to do just to survive. Im still not as healthy as I would like to be but I try.  My life has become somewhat crazy at times but then not so much so at different times.  Today I bought a new addition for my little uh…office.  A new clock and a desk radio.  I know sounds boring but its the little things for me to make it all worth while.  I dont drink alcohol so I save money there.  I spend the 35 bucks I could be using for alcohol on stuff that can help me on  by spending it on a gym membership..  So, thats it.   Ive been doing a little editing on my Sunshine Murder book and wrote some more on my romance book.  Im thinking of calling it “Love Me Till We Die”  or something like that.  I don’t know yet.  Im at about 15,000 words into it so its a start. Im thinking when Im finished it will be around 100,000 words or maybe 200 pages maybe more.  So, thats my goal.  To finish this book and have the editing done professionally this time by the summer.  Hopefully I can swing it.  My HIV meds still fuck with me bad, sometimes I feel like my teeth are just about to fall out of my head but then I look and yep, they are still there.  Lately Ive been listening to some Christian rock music. The girl that sings it has a beautiful voice and my favorite is this song called Oak Tree.  I know boring….but its what makes me calm regardless of what craziness comes my way.  Im going on 19 years living with HIV and it blows my mind Im still here.  Not because I have HIV but because I got sooooo fucking sick 6 years ago and almost died from Crytococcal Meningitis.  I  mean that and the suppressed immune system will kill just about anyone if not treated quickly.  So, I was lucky big time.  Meningitis affects the lining of the brain and can do some serious damage. So, that’s when I was sick I was sweating like crazy and losing weight.  I was about 150 something at my lowest which sucked.  I’m normally 190 to 210.  So while I was losing weight from this shit I remember I was fighting so hard to hang on.  I couldn’t eat or even drink much.  I guess I was dying, well that’s what they tell me.  I was slowly dying…So now 6 years later I have to admit I’m pretty stoked.  I don’t really have much of a sex life anymore, I kinda became gunshy.  Understandable I guess.  So, Im more into just trying to keep the health I have left. So, I guess everyone is getting back into their routines now. thats good, Im trying too.  So, yea, the days are already flying by.  Welcome to 2013.  Dave


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