Editing A Book

So, I put an ad on Craigslist for an editor and I have been swamped with emails.  Alot of the people  apllying have some pretty impressive resumes.  They really do.  In the end I chose a lady who has twenty years experience in editing services.  So, I think that my best bet.  Yesterday I went to one of those insane Chinese Buffets with my son.  Those places are really insane.  I mean the food is not bad but def could use some seasoning.   So, we are there and hes eating and Im giving him tips on how to do the whole buffet thing.  Like you have to pace your self.  Dont just go full bore and eat like a madman and then throw up or anything.  I remember in San Diego Calif. there was a place called The Viking Inn and people would sit there for hours just eating.   So, I tell him to eat and then rest, eat and rest.  lol…He thought it was funny but its the best way to work those places.  So I thought that was cool, quality time with my son stuffing our faces in a cheap Chinese buffet deal.  Ive found alot of good deals out here in Durham now that Ive been venturing out.  We have a place called Ollies that has so much shit in there you could walk around for hours trying to find stuff.  Theres books, toys, heaters,carpets, cell phone cases, food, I mean this place is loaded with crap.   So I found a book for 98 cents.  It was a hardcover book by Robert Louis Stevenson called Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde.  I started reading this to my kid and it is a freaky story no doubt.  Im not sure if any of you have actually read it but Im on Chapter three now and yea..its weird.  One of those wacky books, but the author has an interesting past too.  As famous of a writer he was he died very young.  He was forty years old and in his later years I guess he moved to an island and the natives called him some name like The story Teller.  So Im not sure how Robert Louis Stevenson died exactly but the book Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde was written in the late 1800s.  So, its kinda one of those books you envision that the story is based in some English town with the whole streetlamps and people walking around with Tophats and trenchcoats.  So yea…he really wrote some interesting work.  His popularity soared as he was suffering from ill health.  So thought Id put that out there for anyone who wants to know. I had to have my little Tracker Inspected yesterday so I can reregister it.  They talked me into the high mileage oil which runs over 50.000 for the oil and the filter.  Then new wiper blades and a air filter blablabla. One Hundred Thirty five bucks total.  But at least its done now.   I have a friend who is having a tough time with the bottle.  I dont know her well, she is a friend of the better half.  So, as much as I wish I could help, I dont know what to do.   Alcoholism is a disease, and it affects the mind.  I cant get into that especially with having HIV and dealing with my own nightmare as the disease tries to fuck with my own brain.  I think and know alcohol would kill me so I dont fuck with that or anyone who does.  Hopefully she will get it out of your system..we shall see.  Dave


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