Living Chronically

NO, Im not talking about hemp or pot or whatever  else you want to call it.  I talking about HIV which Ive been living with for almost twenty years now.  Its a bitch of an illness and Ive noticed that even though  people can be nice  they can also be needy regardless of having an illness or not.  This morning I dd my routine of treadmill and came home.  As soon as I did a lady saw me who lives around here and asked for jump on her car.  I cant tell you how many people have hit me up for jumps in the last two years here.  I mean its been insane.  but my health is not as good as it was before even though I feel better.  I think I may be having a drop of Tcells.  I looked in my mouth and although I dont see any problems I can tell that everything has been causing my health to drop.  I just feel it, in my toes, in my head and my body. I guess that yea Im still fading away little by little.  It happens I guess but for the uneducated who knows nothing about immune system issues they may see something different.  They may think, hey snap out of it!  They may think you are lying or faking or not really sick.  HIV is not like a cold, it doesnt just go away.  Yod take your vision gets fucked up, your feet hurt your mind has problems focusing..all that shit.  A friend that gave me advice on The died a yea ago in his early fifties.  He showed no signs and after a brief illness passed away.   Thats how Aids works, The immune system starts to suffer then an opportunistic infection can come in and take you out.  So yea Im dealing with that and already almost kicked the bucket six years ago.  So, then the question comes, who really cares?  Nobody.  I see QVC and the people on there talk about how you need this or that and you cant live without it..Haha  I say…wait till something comes up and you cant hang anymore.  whatcha gonna do?  I dont look sick so people assume, yea…hes good, lemme hit him up I guess.  But Im faltering, I can feel it so I need to hibernate or Ill die.  The Sunshine Murders is going though some editing. so I am looking forward to the end result.  So, be nice to people is my thought for the day.  You never know what they are dealing with….Dave


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