Book Update

So, today I worked out a bit, about 3 miles on the treadmill, a few reps on some light weights and then some easy leg presses.  My goal is to build my ankle up which was injured back in 2007 when a spool of electrical wire fell on my chest. I mean that sucked!  Why I beat myself up doing commercial electrical work for so many years is beyond me. I seem to be a glutton for punishment.  I have to thank Clifta Perez who is an amazing bodybuilder and competitor who helps sooo many people get back into shape.  Ive used alot of her techniques to ease myself back into shape little by little.  Ill never reach her status but thats ok.  I think its cool just to get tips and advice from such an awesome person.  My book sales have been doing better on Amazon and Audible with The Sunshine Murders.  Im not sure why.  Maybe it’s getting more exposure.  Ive been wanting to ride my bike but its soo rainy and drizzly throughout the day that I just cant do it.  so, for me my days consist if writing and editing and working out in the morning still.  I was concerned that I may have to go into the hospital to get some tests done but I think Im ok.  I think it may just be a flu bug which I shook off.  I appreciate the support Ive gotten from so many in my writing endeavors.  Hopefully I havent let anyone down.  Dave


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