Writers Workshops And Do They Help?

I have been looking at some different workshops for writers and have to admit there are tons out there.  The problem I see is there are so many different types out there  There are also tons that will charge you a fee.  Im not sure about all that. I think that there is no better teacher than experience.   I found a few workshops that are free but then some of them are pretty cheesy.  You can go to Wallmart  and see tons of books on writing.  I know I looked.   So, it tells me that for anything out there, someone has probably thought of it already.  Even Amazon is flooded with books designed to help you write.  I also found out that tons of books are produced each year.  Like a million!  Thats alot of books.  All from new independant authors too.  So, the competition is fierce.  Just like the compettion for jobs….brutal!..So, then I wtched this show on politics and see that all of these politicians are all connected.  So, yea, strength in numbers I guess.   I saw some ads for Pieceof cake.com.  This is another Press Release racket for new books and authors. So, I just dont know, this website will shoot out a press release to a couple thousand journalist.  The problem is if your book isnt on their radar of books they are looking for, then you wont get too far.  you will just be slinging some press release about your book to people who could care less.  There goes a couple hundred down the drain.  So, yea, be careful.  Especially with book publishers, too many scammers out there. Author websites are also a hot property and so many will build a website but the cost is crazy rediculous.  Webs.com is the best bet for new authors looking to build a beginners website.  So, thats my take today,  Its tough out there and the competition is brutal so do your homework.  Ive also learned not to expect too much from sales.  Yesterday my Amazon rank was at 116,000 for all books on the site.   Does this mean Im selling a ton of books?  Nope!  All it really means is that ranking is how your books are ranking against other books on Amazon and Kindle.  So, yea…its tough.  A ranking of 100,000 may men you sold one or two books in the past week.  Which in essence means all the other books on Amazon are probably selling zip…nada.  Its not until you get up around 10,000 in the rankings hen you are actually selling books.  Just some food for thought,  Hopefully it can help people figure some stuff out.  The workforce out here in NC is pathetic.  Its the haves and have nots.  Bottom line.  Your either connected or not.  After a while you become apathetic and just dont care anymore.  Work is a pain in the ass and even if you land a job, your still subject to company regulations, meetings, drive time, assholes, brownnosers, backstabbers.. Ok, i wont go on…been there done that.  So, until something better comes along Ill be watching that money tree outside.  I have my hook and line ready. 


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