Another Milestone

Ok, so I never really look at my stats on my blog or anything but seeing Ive had this up for at least a couple months I figured maybe I would check my stats.  So, I look and I just past 500 likes on my blog posts! Wow, thats alot! For me anyways. I also have 55 followers.  So Im not sure what the number would be of dislikes but luckily WordPress doesnt have that on here.  Either way I think its cool to get so many likes in such a short period of time.  I know my blogs seem more like rants or off the wall or whatever but Im working on it.  Im trying not to get too pissed off when I write them and trying to keep the language uh…appropriate.  I think its my ubringing honestly.  I was raised in a rough area back home so I guess Ive always been a bit rough around the edges.  Im cool with that…I cant really change it.  But Ive met some really cool people on here, some great upcoming authors who have some great material.  I think its a refreshing new perspective for me.  Before I used to talk with people in HIV forums and it was always the same old news.  I cant do this or I cant get that and it got old.  Real old.  So connecting with writers has inspired me to do more than just be some guy living with an illness.  Ive met tons of people who dont have any idea I have the illness.  They just see me as Dave.  Just a guy with a comical off the wall attitude.  So, when I die, thats what Id like to be remembered for.  My ability to see beyond the bullshit, the hype and keep it real.  I guess its because thats really what Im all about.


One thought on “Another Milestone

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