Cold Cold Cold

Today its cold, for me anyways.  Probly about 28 degrees.  15 years ago I remember working in a freezer for Schwanns Foods as a loader  The job was brutal! My job consisted of offloading frozen food and stocking it in a freezer that was held at 22 below zero.  The lights were those single bulbs and were placed all around the freezer, so when you were working these lights would be hanging right above your head.  After a couple hours in the freezer the cold can really fuck with your head.  Your bones burn and you can become disoriented.  So, that may be why I hate the cold now.  Back then it was necessity, I had to work and jobs were scarce.  This was in New Mexico in the mid 90’s before I started working as an electrician.  Now, Its a  different time for me.  I no longer have to go bust my ass for others to make make a dollar.  Ive learned that there are tools in life to get you through almost everything.  I also learned that money is not the answer to all of my problems.. My health has become a little more important at this point.  I know its an issue but I try and fake it I guess.  There are lots of things I can still do it just takes a little more effort.  Like playing football catch sometimes can be a bit rough for me.  My crazy breathing machine is helping me some though.  Its weird, it feels like Im scuba diving kinda.  But its supposed to help.  I hear that alot of people have sleep apnea and do nothing about it.  That may be the reason so many people drop dead from diabetes and heart disease among a other things.  Same with HIV.  I found that a quarter of  the people with the illness dont even know they have it.  Thats crazy man.  So, I guess Im lucky.  I have some resources.  I also found out that people in rural areas drop dead from Aids because of the lack of care or HIV medications.  Theres a program called ADAP which is designed to get medication for people with HIV and its overloaded.  There just arent funds or something happens and people get screwed.   Then without meds they die.  It happens right here in the good ol USA. So today Im doing a little more writing on my romance book.  Maybe 10 pages.  Ill see how it goes.  Ive been following alot of the posts from people who are writers.  I know its a tough job, you have to like what your doing and I really dont think you can write tinking theres a big payoff.  Its a personal thing.  The reward is not always monetary.  So, Id like to thank Casey Voight for recognizing my efforts and Clifta for helping me with my exercise regiment over the last year.  Without their guidance and support Im sure Id of given up a while ago.


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