Oh No…My Back!

Today I hurt my back…. getting out of the shower of all places.  I think I tweaked it a little.  Sucks.  So, instead of going to the driving range Ill be hanging out at home doing some more writing on my new romance book.  I got a new message from a friend of mine back in San Diego who I used to hang out with. He is a tile setter and we go back about 15 years.  Im glad hes ok, I was worried about him.  Especially when construction started to tank. I mean it took a huge hit.  I was so busy back in the early 2000s and then all of a sudden nothing.  It just went down the drain.  I need to find some inspiration to keep writing my book.  Ive been slacking off. It happens I guess.  Sometimes I think why bother but then Ill start reading what Ive done so far and then Ill start again.  I think it may be hard because even though Im connected to some great authors, I cant really see myself as being able to compare.  Like Im not good enough.  I know thats not the right way to look at things but for me its a new world.  Ive only been writing books for about a year and a half.  So, yea I need all the help I can get. Tomorrow is a holiday Im pretty sure.  Martin Luther King day?  I thinks so.  I dont really get into all the holidays much.  Its tough for me to understand it all.  Maybe its too political or opinionated for me.  My health is still the most important issue with me right now.  The medications really throw me for a loop.  Im not sure why, It could be the illness of the meds.  Some docs say  the meds are what mess with people, some say its the medications others its the progession of the HIV.  I dont know, theres too much info out there.  I found for me the writing helps me to get my mind off it all.  I usually just set up my ipod and start going. So, with my back all jacked up I think I am once again forced to pick up the pen and paper. I watched one of those shows where they sell houses.  The house being sold was one of those old farm ranch house places.  It reminded me of my old house with 3 acres.  Middle of nowhere with nothing there.  just a big huge lot with all that freakirn grass. Its a nightmare.  usually in communities like those the homes have families who have been there forever.  The brothers or whatever mow the grass and they are people relly set in their ways.  I found that out the hard way at my old house.  Dodging flying wrenches and avoiding beer cans on my mower were the norm.  In the end I walked away.  It was just too much for me.  No thank you. So, as I try and recover again from a jacked up back, Ill do my best to write from the heart and build up my characters.   Sorry, but Sunday seems to draw a blank in my mind.


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