Business As Usual

Today is  business as usual for most I guess.  It looks like it around here anyways.  The Blue Collar Blues!  Im not sure what that means but then Ive always been around the Blue Collar scene. Its just now Im living with an illness so I dont actually have to participate in the Blue Collar Woes anymore.  That doesnt mean Im not around it…I am.  Its ok, Ive been through worse. I remember living in the depths of hell, eating muscles off a rock.  My stint as Man Versus Wild.  Lol.  I know…funny huh?  Well, it wasnt at the time.  I didnt have a helicopter overhead with a GPS guiding me through the valleys of darkness.  It was brutal.  The early morning aluminum can scavengers were out in full force and I was in the way.  Speaking of which that is another huge racket. Aluminum Can recycling. I lived through some shit no doubt.  Then I see the media how they focus on stuff like the president, the recent shootings and gun control and all this junk and I realize there are so many people who get lost in the shuffle of life.  No wonder weird stuff happens.  No wonder there are homeless veterans, no wonder HIV is rampant all over the nation and no wonder only a small percentage of the people actually have alot of money.   I mean we are free in this country but we are also free to struggle and its easy to get lost if your not being guided in the right direction.  I once went to Korea when I was 20 in the US Marine Corps. Once we got off the plane there were all these soldiers standing there with machine guns. They looked right through you, didnt even blink.  It was weird no doubt.  Then later in the trip we went to the demilitarized zone which was even more freaky.  I remember it was a trip, all these soldiers guarding this one building and bridge.   The bridge was called no mans land and they were guarding it.  This bridge was between North and South Korea and then a building sat half on the North side and half on the South side.  Once an American soldier tried to cut down a tree that was blocking the guard post so the North Koreans stormed the bridge and killed the guy. So, its a weird place with some weird history.  Now, I look back and think, yea Ive been and seen alot.  My biggest battle to date however has to be living with the HIV virus.  Its brutal big time. I honestly think its an emotional disease more so than a physical disease, for me anyway.  So, since Im such an emotional basketcase, I figure I make a good storyteller.  So, thats a reason I write.  I love creating characters and bringing them to life, like John Brodis in The Sunshine Murders.  I really enjoyed writing it. I honestly did.  Its pretty quirky but I can look at it and say, yea I wrote it.  Its not a best seller, its not even that popular.  But its mine and thats cool.  So, if you ever want to do something out of the ordinary, something different then work the Blue Collar Gig and sit at the bar and complain about Joe Blow who screwed something up on the job, write a book.  Create something that others can read or look at that is cool.  Thats my take anyway.  I got  a kudos  from another friend of mine I used to surf with in High School on my books.   I thought that was cool.  Made me feel like my efforts were being acknowledged.  I mean I don’t know how many people read these blogs or even look at my books but hopefully those who do can see that even people with disabilities can have a voice, however small.  Hopefully it can inspire someone to do more with their time than work and sit at a bar.   Ive done it and know there is so much more to life than living like that.  You just have to believe there is.  Dave



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