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Ok, this will be short, since Ive already got off to a bad start today.  For anyone who hasnt seen my new author website, here it is.   I looked all over for a good designer and it really is expensive so I decided to just build my own.  I know, boring but it is what it is.  Today it was so cold that my face was burning when walking to the store. I havent felt cold like that in a while.  Its brutal for me.  So, its been rough already today.  I have those days where I just dont have energy and figure its not worth the effort so it gets hard to motivate.  Sorry bout that.  Yesterday I played a little riff on my guitar and put the link up.  Its not that big of a deal, but considering where I was not so long ago its kind of a feat for me.  I only wish I had listened to my dad when I was younger taking lessons.  He was a professional pianist.  After a couple years I flaked out and surfed instead.  Either way its always fun to pick up an instrument and strum a tune.  I recommend it especially when your singing the blues.  So, thats it for me, I still dont have much to saybut keep smiling.  Dave


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