The Sunshine Murders One Thru Five

So, Ive got The Sunshine Murders Series One Thru Five finished and on  I listened to it in its entirety and I have to admit it is pretty good.  The narrator Luke Smith made the book worth listening.  He is a narrator living in Los Angeles and has narrated quite and few books.  I think he really gave it his all.   So, the last two series kind of winds down the career of John Brodis, the lead detective.  His buddy Bill who has a penchant for nasty cheap vendor coffee throws a humourous spin on the book too.   As serious as they take their investigations they also are avid surfers who find a way to put in some surf time.  Of course I wrote this in because Im a surf fanatic myself. So, in the end it came out pretty good.  I dont have a real good marketing plan but thats ok.  Its more of a personal feat for me. I guess its a done deal now, which by the way is one of John Brodis’ tag lines.  “Done Deal”…lol.  Other than that Im jar hanging in here.Life is strange I guess. Some old girlfriends I know have seen what I have been up to and ironcally they are all of a sudden reinterested in me.  I think thats funny but Ive also formed some great new relationships with them even after so many years.  Back in the day I was the nutball, tearing around on a crotch rocket, surfing all the time and guess I had an ego..  All that went away once I was hospitalized.I realized that life is fragile and Im also not immune to lifes misery.  So, maybe I have a little more compassion and empathy then I did before. So, anyways thats the deal with me.  Ive found some new tools to get me through my days.  Its not what I envisioned obviously but its better than nothing.  Ive got some more ideas for my new romance book which is up to about 80 pages. Its tough finding new ideas but Im trying.  In a perfect world I would have alot of people helping me but no…its just me….lol…A struggling new author.Image


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