Update On Book.

So, here is a short excerpt from the new book Im struggling though.  It needs editing and changes but its a start.

Chapter Seven

       “So, we will wait I guess.”  Mark looked around the tent.  “Where do we stay if you don’t mind me asking sir?”  The officer pointed to the entrance of the tent.  “Outside there are other tents as you have noticed already.  One is a mess tent, a headquarters tent and we have tent for sleeping, an exercise tent and a showering tent.  Basically we have pretty much all we need to keep ourselves moving along fine.  To the west there is the same.  Desert.  Most people who have tried to travel it in the past have for the most part, not survived.  It’s pretty treacherous as you have probably already found out.  So, right here, for now is our best bet.”  Desiree brushed at her new pair of camouflage pants.  The officer laughed at her efforts to brush off the dust which had collected on the uniform.  “I wouldnt be too worried about that young lady.  Dust and dirt is a way of life out here.  You two are free to look around the compound but don’t answer any questions if you can get away with it..  Just say that the OIC is taking care of things for you.”  The two looked to each other.  “Hmmmm, ok sir, well I guess wel’l just go and take a look around if you don’t mind.”  The officer nodded. “No problem, I’m sure you two have been through alot.  When you are done checking things out, come see me and I’ll set you up with sleeping quarters.” The two thanked the officer in charge and walked out of the tent.  “Yea, said Mark.  “I think we should  be fine here Desiree.  I really do.   I know it’s safer then trying to make it to the coast or even out of the desert the way were going.  I think we should just chill here until something happens.”  “I know Mark, I trust you.  But what is this all about?”  I mean it seems so strange to me.  Is this New World Order something you can live with?  I mean it seesm so weird.”  “Yea, I know, I think ever since the bombings ten years ago the governement has been plannning something like this.  I think it was bound to happen.  Just a matter of time ya know?”  Desiree shook her head in agreement.  “Yes, but…well I think then we may have not been in on this from the beginning.  What I mean is I think we were intended to be victims as well.  If that makes any sense.  And since we survived I wonder if they are thinking this wasnt what they intended.  Like,we werent supposed to survive the plague or the crash.  So, do you think they really want to help us?”  Mark thought a minute.  “You have a point my lady.  I see what your saying.  My dad did talk about it before, about the governement, especially afterth e bombings but….I was so young.  Barely 10 when it happened.  I don’t think I was supposed to be aware of any of it.  I don;t think my parents wanted me to know.  Maybe they figured I would be scared or not understand.”  He looked out to the west again past the compound.  Nothing but desert as far as the eye could see.  “I miss them already Desiree.  Don’t you?   Your parents I mean…miss them?”  “Oh…yes…I do, so much.  Im so confused Mark.  This really makes no sense to me.  All of it.   I mean do you think the governemtn just wants to start over?  Like do you think maybe they did this just to start a new world?”  “Yes, I do.”  said Mark quickly.  “It really looks that way.  I think there were too many people, too many problems and way too many security measures in place.  Since the recession I think many things happened.  People lost so much and began to get nervous.  I dont think they trusted the government anymore.”  “But,  Desiree continued. “to go to such extreme measures and wipe out most of the population is insane!’  “Yes, I know it is, no doubt about it.”  Mark replied.  “So, well…I think thats what happened.  The important thing is we are safe, for now.”  “Yes, I know, but for how long Mark?   Do you really trust the Officer In Charge of this whole place?  I just dont know.  I want to think we are safe but we really need a plan in case things go south for us here, don’t you think?”  He looked at Desiree, this young girl of nineteen in a set of camouflage pants and shirt.  She looked like she had grown up in such a short time.  This time they had been together.  “I think that we should plan something.  I don’t know.  They havent taken the pack.   Not yet anyway.  I dont think they are really planning anything with us.  I just think we should try and hang in there..  But, if something does happen, if we get too deep in this.  Maybe they think we know too much, then we should plan an escape.”  “O.k. Desiree said. “I think you may have a point, we should plan something.  Maybe if we just hang low and wait it out maybe we will figure something out, ya think?”  “Yea, you’re right.  It’s too early to tell.”  Mark looked over at  what appeared to be a few soldiers looking over at them.  He smiled and held his hand up to wave.  “He’s coming over here Mark.”  One of the soldiers quickly walked up to them, his hand on the but of the rifle slund over his shoulder. “Hey, you two!  You have your credentials?”  The soldier looked nervous.  Mark could see he had two stripes running down the sleeve of his shirt.  “Sir, we have been told by the commanding officer that we are ok to be here. There is no problem here.”  The soldier looked quickly away from Mark and his eyes shifted to Desiree.  “And your with him I assume?”  “Yes, we came together.”  She brushed her hair out of her eyes and stared evenly back at the soldier.  “I see, well I will have to check with the OIC about this.  I was not informed of visitors.”  Mark nodded.  “Thats fine, we have a clearence to be here, we have already seen the OIC. ”  “Ok, thats great young man but we have to verify.   Your name?”  Mark breathed heavily. “Name’s Mark, this is Desiree.  We have authorization to be here sir.  Are we free to go?”  The soldier said nothing and waved them on.   The two walked away leaving the soldier staring after them.
    “Interesting  huh?”   Desiree looked back at the soldier who continued to stare back at them..”Yeah, no shit.”  Mark replied slowly.  “I think these people are real nervous ya know?  I cant say I blame them though.  This whole thing is  real trip Desiree. I mean who would of thought this was all planned?  I wonder how long this New World Order has been in the works.  Doesnt make sense to me, not at all.  Guess it shows you never know what the powers that be got up their sleeves.”  “Your so right Mark.  Im sure this stuff has beem going on for a while.  I just wonder how far these people are willing to go to keep this place underwraps.  You think they would kill us if we were to run for it?” “I dont think so, but still, we should be careful.”  He looked over at a tent with the words  “Medical” on it.  “Looks like the fix ya up tent.” he said. “But for what?  I dont see what they would need that for.  This has been going on for a while now, at least three weeks.  I wonder if there are more like us around.” Desiree looked over at Mark with a confused look.  “You mean, maybe they came accross other survivors?  But if they had wouldnt there be more   in the compound?”  Yeah, your right.  Maybe there are some or maybe they left or …maybe…”Maybe what Mark?  Maybe they were killed?”  “I dont know, I dont want to jump to any conclusions just yet.  It’s way too early.”  He reached up and touched her cheek.  “Don’t worry, sweet lady.  We are ok.”  She smiled back at him.  “Yes, I know…I trust you.”


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