Sales On Audible!

I made some sales on Audible On The Sunshine Murders!  This is the new series book which has five tales in the series.  So, Im so happy it made sales just two days  after I updated the book.  Originally it only had three tales of murder and mayhem on the California coast, but now Ive added two more series to it.  The last two wind down John Brodis’ career and it end with his retirement.  This book I spent alot of time tweaking to get it jut right.  o, Im glad that i old some copies right out the gate.  It i a pretty wacky book and although its not too long (Two hours and something( on Audible, its really came out well.  So Im sure my narrator Luke Smith will be happy with the results.  I also have it updated on Kindle and Amazon and it really reads much better.  I wont say how much I paid for the editing but, well…it probably was not in the budget.  Its ok, Ill survive. Im just glad some people thought it was good enough to actually buy it.  I know what other authors go through now.  Initially and even now I dont consider myself a real author but the more I write the more I see what its all about.   Writing is not something where you just visualize and everything just works.  you have to just sit down and write, thats it.  Dont over think, dont project what  may or may not happen.  Just do it.  So thats what Ive been doing.  Some people have told me I write pretty visually which makes me feel good about what Im doing.  And to everyone who has been supportive I just want to thank you.  To Casey Voight, Larissa and the people who have supported me by leaving me positive comments I really appreciate it.  Even my brother Mike has been supportive and I havent seen him in a few years.  The last I saw him was when I was recouperating from the hospitalization.  He is a pretty cool dude.  He was pretty surprised when I came back and began writing after being so sick. I have posted an update on my new book Im writing but I’m not rushing through anything with that one.   Im taking it day by day.  So, thats the deal there.

Dave and his son

Dave and his son


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