Weekend Plans?

Ok, so I usually dont have many plans for the weekend.   Usually I just write alot.  Im trying to write one thousand words a day on my new book.   Thats really not alot especially if your writing a book.  I mean once you get moving and the story kind of unfolds in your mine, its real easy to find yourself at 5,000 words a a few hours.  My problem now is Im just not motivated as much.  Maybe its all the other shit going on.  Its snowing or freezing rain so, my car is being used because it has a higher profile and good tires. So, since I dont drive so much I just say yea go ahead, use it. Like I said, Im not as materialistic as I used to be.  Its just not that important anymore.  I do like to mess around with stocks here and there and deposit 50 bucks a month in my stock account just for shits and giggles.  I even invested in some Mexican bank stocks..Dont laugh, they have been doing well.  So thats the deal there.  I updated a utube video.   I usually dont do Utube videos but everyonce in a while I will just so people I know will think Im ok and havent died or falling off the planet….lol…So thats the deal there. I have always liked stuff like music and art and sports that are challenging.  Now more so than ever I find myself just picking up the guitar and playing some random riff.  I usually just think it up as I go along.  Like this Madman on A Guitar video clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUWH_uRE0eo  Thats just my nature is to do wacky stuff even though now I am much tamer than I was back in the day.  So, alot of people will probably think whatever to my guitar playing madman sessions.  I have some friends back in San Diego, well one in particular that Ive known for years.  We always considered ourselves best friends or bros. lol..I remember spendng hours hanging out in his backyard which overlooked Lindburgh field airport and pounding beers and then beating up one of those crazy boxing dummies that has the head and upper body of a man.  That was some funny shit no doubt….Couple of drunk idiots beating up a boxing dummy.   I can see my son picking up some of my characteristics.  He doesnt see it but I do.   Chip off the old block I guess.   So anyways thats the update, not much happening…..


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