Another Sad Song

So, its been a couple days since Ive written a post.  Guess Im burnin out a bit.  I have been focusing on the editing on the Sunshine Murders fort he most part but its going well.  Almost complete.  Ive also been learning some new guitar chords.  So, needless to say I made another song on Utube,    Ive got a friend from back in the day who has seen one of them so maybe thats a way some old bros can stay in touch for me.  I dont know.  I like learning new chords and trying to see if my brain can   I havent really paid much attention to my sales on amazon.  I figure its the  writing that matters most, not the sales. So, thats what focus on.  I bought the guitar Im playing in the video for 50 bucks from a college girl.  Then I just tuned it up and it all came together…lol…I used to love playing but when I got sick I stopped.  Now that Im feeling a little better its fun to play.  My problem is the salivary gland disease I have which really fucks me up especially if Im trying to sing.  So thats the deal, its Sunday so I may take my kid and hit some golfballs…Have a good one..


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