Stormy Nights

So, its looking like storm clouds here in NC.   It never really seems to amount to a whole lot.  The whole storm tracker thing.  I mean when I had my ranch house out in the boonies there were a few scares.  Sometimes we would see flashes of lighting and a fe times the house seemed to shake.  It was pretty wild especially since I was practically laid out in bed alot of days due to my recovering from the Aids diagnosis.  Ive noticed alot of my old friends from back in the day who know Im pos think of me a little different.  Kind of like, yea well you were always a tough guy, your dad killed himself, you grew up with hells angels, your mom was a fucken pot smokin bitch and you grew up around a bunch of bullshit.  They probaly see me as someone who could survive a holocaust so they don’t sweat it Im sure.  for all intents and purposes I guess I am like a damn cochroach.  Today I biked about five miles on my mountain bike and had a blast.  Yesterday my son and I drove out to Lake Jordan and went fishing.  No fish but we did manage to start a fire out there on the beach.  We had no paper to light but we did haul a bunch of old branches out of the swampy are and pull them to the beach and then started the fire with a burning pinecone.  Pinecones burn great and you can set them on fire with a lighter and then set the kindling wood abaze from that.  At the end of the day my son was like, “Hey dad, that’s like survival stuff man.”  lol…I thought that was funny as hell.  For him Im sure it was but thats cool.  Good kid he is.  I think alot of my old Marine Corps survival shit come back to me.  Survive at all cost.  Before we went fishing we went and saw my old neighbor, a redneck who lived out in the country next to us.  His problem was always the bottle and although its been two year since I last saw him, hes been in jail for a year of that time from a DUI.  And now, he got another one. lol.  I mean cmon man, aint ya gonna learn bro?  I guess he doesn’t because he said hes going back in the joint come this Thursday.  So, I guess some old dogs cant learn new tricks.  Sad because hes a nice guy, just letting the bottle do his living for him.  Bummer.  The book I have today to recommend is The Big New Yorker Book Of Dogs. Im not a big dog fan but this is a best seller and has some rave reviews.  So I’ll recommend it.  Here is the link to it.  In the future I think Im going to look for books that have just a few reviews but positive ones.  Maybe I can help boost their sales.  Who knows. My book The Sunshine Murders has been doing ok on Amazon and last month I wrote another easy to read publishing and marketing book that is now on Amazon called Simple Steps To Publishing And Marketing your Kindle Book.  This was a lot of research on my part.  It also is the result of my trial and error in my writing, publishing and marketing efforts. So far I noticed its been selling too and before I combined all the e books together to make one book, I received a five star rating on Amazon for the 2nd series book.  Now it’s just one book.  Its not that big but I put a shitload of info in it with links and all kinds of stuff for new authors.  Blog sites, websites,author shows, all kinds of junk.  Speaking of which my Cardioglide has been getting neglected.  I love the thing even if its as old as Methusala but its kind of sitting on the back burner right now while I ride my mountain bike. Tomorrow I go into the VA to get my lab work.   I always hate going to the VA.  Its just one of those places that makes me feel like Im in the twighlight zone.  They have little robots on the floor that scurry around.  well, Ive only really seen one and it looks like a remote control R2D2.  Weird shit.  Theres your tax dollars at work I guess.  Ok, Im out of breath and I should get back to what I was doing.  Staring at my neglected Cardioglide.  BImagee well Dave

Book Update And My Fiverr Gig!

So, my book the Sunshine Murders all of a sudden got a surge in sales and Im not sure why.  It went pretty flat for a while and then all of a sudden it got some sales for two days straight.  That was pretty cool although I dont really know why it happened.  It just did.  So, I think thats good for me, it brought my spirits up a bit.   This Kindle version has not been doing so well.  I think people are more interested in the Audio versions now.  I think its hard trying to write, publish and market a book to be honest.  Especially if your doing it alone and theres no body to help you.  Ive noticed its just that way.  This world moves so quick its easy to get lost in the shuffle.  But I did try and did complete the book as quirly as it is. I got an email from my HIV doctor and he says my numbers look fabulous!  lol…Ok, now what right?  I read a book about Brad Davis who had HIV back in the late 80s and finally died I think around 1991 or something around then.  I guess he was living in Los Angeles and when he did get really sick he decided to just take some pills or something..  I think it was just too much, living in and working as an actor in L.A.  So, he killed himself finally.  He was around 44 when he died.  So, alot of that makes me wonder, like why do I try so hard or is it that living with HIV makes it seem like Im trying so hard.  Probably the latter.  I went to the gym this morning and theres a lady who Im sure is a lesbian, she seems to have a grudge against me for some reason or just doesnt like me.  I see her always looking at me and kinda sneering and Im thinking who the hell is this.  Why does she give a shit about me?   Im sure if she knew five years ago I was on my deathbed with AIds and meningitis she wouldnt cop the attitude but oh well.  Cant waste no energy on those people.  Im running out of steam as it is.  I put a utube video of my Fiverr gig which is to write a blog or article for five bucks.  I think Fiverr is cool. I dont really make much but in the past year Ive made enough to buy a new computer so thats better than nothing.  Other than that Im still struggling with finances.  Its just the way it is.  I have sacrificed alot paying for school and supplied for my son and barely hanging in there myself.  Its just hard for me now.  It never used to be this bad but its very difficult.  Sometimes I do want to quit just because I see the way people are, all concerned about their own scene yet in the same breath will talk about what they do for the church.  All I see are people hurrying around, more like scrambling and then hiding away from people. Its that way here because even though its a big church place, the poverty rate is unbelievable.  I mean it sucks…So, maybe I should of stayed back home but then it probly wouldnt change stuff.  So, I write, edit and write again.  The book I have to put up today as a recommended read is Broken Pieces by Rachael Thompson..  This is a book for 10-12 year olds and I think its got some real good reviews.  I saw this when looking for a book my son may like.  I also like the Hunger games books but he already has all of them now.  Broken Pieces can be found here.  That’s about all I have for today.  If you need a blog or article written be sure to check out   I need all the support I can get!

Cardioglide Nightmares

So, today I woke up and remembered a dream I had.  It was about my Cardioglide that  found in the dumpster.  Its a 1995 model and still works great.  The problem is I feel like it has its own mind or energy or mystic about it.  Like its been aound so long and its indestructable.  So maybe thats why I had a dream about the thing. So in the dream Im riding the thing and all of a sudden it starts going real fast and Im floppin back and forth like Linda Blair in the Exorcist on the bed scene.  (Love Linda Blair, so noffense to her)  So Im floppin and floppin and all a sudden it the thing stops and throws me to the ground.  So this mornign I wake up and Im looking at the Cardioglide thats looking all innocent in the corner of the room and Im thinking, maybe it needs to go back to the dumspter.  The problem is Im attatched to it now.  I like it.  I hate it too.  So yea, spooky.   The book I want to promote today besides The Sunshine Murders   is the book Poor Dad Rich Dad.  This book is pretty popular so I figured Id get it on I have one of their subscriptions which is about 14 bucks a month.  Its a decent deal.  Anyway so I listened to about three hours of it and the author was raised with two dads, one rich and one poor.  The poor dad has the view on money that goes like this.  Money is the root of all evil, yet he always worried about it and the lack of it.  The rich dad said the love of money is the root of all evil and put his money to work for himself  The poor dad and the rich dad both work hard and made good money yet one was rcih and one was broke.  So, it goes on and on about thinking, thoughts and views about money.  How the rich dude made money work for him much like planting a seed, when the tree grows it sets roots and you no longer have to water it as much.  The same thing applied to money and everything else. So although the book makes totally good sense I think its worthless to someone who HAS no money.  Just my thoughts.  This book works on the premise that money is available and you just have to use it correctly.  Its a good book but yea only for those of means in my opinion.  IE, people with stocks, bonds,real estate, etc.  Its all about leverage.  I think the author has a stick up his ass somewhat, maybe that better than everyone else attitude.  But whatever.  Its a book about money.  I give it a three star rating simply because I dont feel it applies to everyone.  The book link is here  Yesterday I had a request to write a blog for someone who wanted to promote his business so I thought.  The business was I thought his new startup company called Empower Network and he was a Jamaican Immigrant who struggled and finally succeeded with this company.  I wrote the bio thinking good for him, he made it out fo the rat race.  Later that day I was scanning my emails and come across a spam from a Rick Patterson and hes trying to hawk his business.. Wouldnt you know it, the business name was Empower Network.  Sucker born every minute.  So, hopefully this guy I wrote the bio and elevator pitch for wont be too bummed out when he finds he may be in for a ride from this Rick Patterson yahoo.  I made my money writing the to blogs for him but I wonder if he knows what hes getting into.  Like I said sucker born every minute.  I feel sorry for this world.  Ta ta.

Book Update And A New Recommended Read

So, I started this blog a while ago, Its been a few months now.  Initially it was just about The Sunshine Murders book and how I was coming along with the whole publishing experience.  So far its been ok, I mean it is what it is.  I havent really become successful so to speak even though I think the book came out good.  I just suck at marketing my own book.  Thats ok, Im not worried about it anymore.  So, I decided to update this blog with posts about other peoples books that Ive checked out.  I usually read about three to four chapters and can tell if the book is worth a crap.  Like if its worth reading.  Most of the time it seems like I see books that are ok, but nothing special.  Every once in a while I read something that catches my eye and attention.  So Im posting them here.  Ill post at the end of this blog my pick for the day, week, whatever.  Ive been doing the continued treadmill dace at the gym.  Its pretty tough for a guy with the HIV virus I have to admit.  This illness sucks but my luck or bad luck is I dont look like I have HIV.  (what the hell does that look like anyways?)  But for shits sake I work out alot, like almost everyday.  I usually spend about two hours in the gym, most of my time on the treadmill and the other time on free weights.  So, Ive been staying up on that.   I started talking with a guy today there and I find out hes a sheriff, here in Durham NC.  So, hes having a hard time with the whole weight, BMI and qualifying for the standards set forth by the department.  I was saying yea its like when I was in the Marine Corps, if you cut it on every angle but the weight, they send you to the fat farm.  Then you get the fat practically beaten out of you with, mountain climbers, pushups,jumping jacks and all kinds of shit.  So I think all that stuff, military, police departments, they all work on the same premise.  You have to meet the standards or your SOL. So, it was nice meeting the guy but I think i would pass on the job…seems like too much of a hassle.  Especially as you get older.  By the time your say fifty I would think your about finished and off to retirement.  Anyways thought Id throw that out there.  The book I want to post today is a book that’s actually on the best seller list.  It was released in January of this year but already has a ton of views.  I think this book is for both sexes but maybe in my eyes primarily for women. I may be wrong but that’s how I see it.  This book is called “Low Pressure” by Sandra Brown.  Shes a very popular author with over 80 million books in print, so I think shes definitely worth checking out.  So, do yourself a favor and check out her book Low Pressure if you want a quality read. Other than that I don’t have any other updates.  Oh, well maybe one.  i have been writing alot of blogs for the past few years.  Not just here. I write blogs on tons of subjects but as some know I am a former commercial electrician.  Here is an update on a blog I wrote if I’m not trying to promote my book The Sunshine Murders or My Life A Life Story Of A Man Infected.    Maybe I’m addicted to blogging and treadmills.  And maybe The Cardioglide…

The Sunshine Murders Series

So, I know that this life presents many challenges especially as we get older.  Ive found this hard way no doubt.  Trying to raise a son and living with the HIV virus has been the toughest job Ill ever love.  Its also made me realize that the things that we work for like cars, homes status, can all be taken away from us quickly.  It happened to me.  In 2002 I remember having a nice house, a nice truck, a job and a newborn son.  In 2005 when I got sick he was only 3 years old.  So, he didnt understand what was going on and why his dad was gone when I was hospitalized.  He could of easily been without a parent.  I see that there must of been a reason I was spared.  I also remember a girl next to me who had Aids and was 24 years…

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The Sunshine Murders Update

so today I talked with a guy about making a video for my blog or website or whatever.   Its supposed to be good publicity for your book.  So although the price was high the concept seems to be cool.  You basically create a video about  see a book and post it on whatever.  I guess people are more apt to stick around if they see a visual.  So I may do it but I dont have the cash,,,,,yet.  I have been checking out some other books so I guess Ill try and just review books on here of people Ive met and have at least read a couple chapters of their books.  Maybe help them get some sales and who knows maybe someone will check out my books while their at it.   The book Ive been reading is called Obsessed and it is one of those Pshycological thrillers that makes you keep reading.  I got the book on Audible and as I listened to it I thought “Wow, this is heavy shit.”  Scared me. So I think its worth a look.  Its on Amazon and and its written by C.A.Janowski.  Its here on Amazon.  I mean it really is vivid and pretty crazy.  I wont tell you what its about but I guarantee it will leave you with shivers after the first couple chapters.  Some of the grammar in the book could use some work but all in all I give it four stars.  I tried to copy the book cover but it would let me.  Not sure why but it really is worth checking out. 


Fiverr Alert

So, Ive been laying low on the book writing but I dd start doing some editing and formatting to My Life A Life Story Of A Man Infected. This book was my first attempt at writing so it needed flushing after I finished it.  I eventually had it published but then found it needed some tlc.  The Sunshine Murders is again making a few sales on Audible here and there but not a whole lot.  So I try and be as creative as I can in my marketing.  Ive been busy on  Seems Im in demand as an article and blog writer more than an author.  Ive been getting swamped and I think I may have a permanent writing, well I guess it is permanent as Ive got a contract to write weekly blogs.  I guess someone noticed me..  whoo hoo.  I also have been looking into more ways to make money on Fiverr like editing and proofreading.  Alot of people are from overseas on the site and always need help editing or writing ads, blogs or whatever.  So, thats cool.  Heres a link to my Fiverr gigs.   Whoops thats the main one I do.  So thats the deal there.  Also here are two of my wacky promotions for my book I got off of ImageImage