The Park!

Ok so yesterday I was reallypissed off.  I felt like life was too much trouble anymore.  I tried so hard writing The Sunshine Murders and felt like it was all pointless.  But then I thought what if I never did it at all?  That woulda sucked even more.  Im just not really selling any books or Audible versions because I dont know how to market at all.  So today I went to the park with my son and the better half.  We played football and walked three times around the park thingy trail  Then I lay down and just looked up into space and realized that yes Im a very small little being on such a huge planet. So as I lay there I was staring at a tree that was above me and way way up I could see a couple hawks flying over head and I felt like that was all life really is,  It isnt cars, or stuff or anything,,,its just finding a peace you can live with.  Thats hard in this world and I know it.  But the little things like feeling the cold from the 40 something breeze is invigorating.  Kinda wakes you up.  So, I may have written a book that flopped but Im still here and doing what I can.


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