Fiverr Alert

So, Ive been laying low on the book writing but I dd start doing some editing and formatting to My Life A Life Story Of A Man Infected. This book was my first attempt at writing so it needed flushing after I finished it.  I eventually had it published but then found it needed some tlc.  The Sunshine Murders is again making a few sales on Audible here and there but not a whole lot.  So I try and be as creative as I can in my marketing.  Ive been busy on  Seems Im in demand as an article and blog writer more than an author.  Ive been getting swamped and I think I may have a permanent writing, well I guess it is permanent as Ive got a contract to write weekly blogs.  I guess someone noticed me..  whoo hoo.  I also have been looking into more ways to make money on Fiverr like editing and proofreading.  Alot of people are from overseas on the site and always need help editing or writing ads, blogs or whatever.  So, thats cool.  Heres a link to my Fiverr gigs.   Whoops thats the main one I do.  So thats the deal there.  Also here are two of my wacky promotions for my book I got off of ImageImage


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