The Sunshine Murders Update

so today I talked with a guy about making a video for my blog or website or whatever.   Its supposed to be good publicity for your book.  So although the price was high the concept seems to be cool.  You basically create a video about  see a book and post it on whatever.  I guess people are more apt to stick around if they see a visual.  So I may do it but I dont have the cash,,,,,yet.  I have been checking out some other books so I guess Ill try and just review books on here of people Ive met and have at least read a couple chapters of their books.  Maybe help them get some sales and who knows maybe someone will check out my books while their at it.   The book Ive been reading is called Obsessed and it is one of those Pshycological thrillers that makes you keep reading.  I got the book on Audible and as I listened to it I thought “Wow, this is heavy shit.”  Scared me. So I think its worth a look.  Its on Amazon and and its written by C.A.Janowski.  Its here on Amazon.  I mean it really is vivid and pretty crazy.  I wont tell you what its about but I guarantee it will leave you with shivers after the first couple chapters.  Some of the grammar in the book could use some work but all in all I give it four stars.  I tried to copy the book cover but it would let me.  Not sure why but it really is worth checking out. 



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