Book Update And A New Recommended Read

So, I started this blog a while ago, Its been a few months now.  Initially it was just about The Sunshine Murders book and how I was coming along with the whole publishing experience.  So far its been ok, I mean it is what it is.  I havent really become successful so to speak even though I think the book came out good.  I just suck at marketing my own book.  Thats ok, Im not worried about it anymore.  So, I decided to update this blog with posts about other peoples books that Ive checked out.  I usually read about three to four chapters and can tell if the book is worth a crap.  Like if its worth reading.  Most of the time it seems like I see books that are ok, but nothing special.  Every once in a while I read something that catches my eye and attention.  So Im posting them here.  Ill post at the end of this blog my pick for the day, week, whatever.  Ive been doing the continued treadmill dace at the gym.  Its pretty tough for a guy with the HIV virus I have to admit.  This illness sucks but my luck or bad luck is I dont look like I have HIV.  (what the hell does that look like anyways?)  But for shits sake I work out alot, like almost everyday.  I usually spend about two hours in the gym, most of my time on the treadmill and the other time on free weights.  So, Ive been staying up on that.   I started talking with a guy today there and I find out hes a sheriff, here in Durham NC.  So, hes having a hard time with the whole weight, BMI and qualifying for the standards set forth by the department.  I was saying yea its like when I was in the Marine Corps, if you cut it on every angle but the weight, they send you to the fat farm.  Then you get the fat practically beaten out of you with, mountain climbers, pushups,jumping jacks and all kinds of shit.  So I think all that stuff, military, police departments, they all work on the same premise.  You have to meet the standards or your SOL. So, it was nice meeting the guy but I think i would pass on the job…seems like too much of a hassle.  Especially as you get older.  By the time your say fifty I would think your about finished and off to retirement.  Anyways thought Id throw that out there.  The book I want to post today is a book that’s actually on the best seller list.  It was released in January of this year but already has a ton of views.  I think this book is for both sexes but maybe in my eyes primarily for women. I may be wrong but that’s how I see it.  This book is called “Low Pressure” by Sandra Brown.  Shes a very popular author with over 80 million books in print, so I think shes definitely worth checking out.  So, do yourself a favor and check out her book Low Pressure if you want a quality read. Other than that I don’t have any other updates.  Oh, well maybe one.  i have been writing alot of blogs for the past few years.  Not just here. I write blogs on tons of subjects but as some know I am a former commercial electrician.  Here is an update on a blog I wrote if I’m not trying to promote my book The Sunshine Murders or My Life A Life Story Of A Man Infected.    Maybe I’m addicted to blogging and treadmills.  And maybe The Cardioglide…


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