Cardioglide Nightmares

So, today I woke up and remembered a dream I had.  It was about my Cardioglide that  found in the dumpster.  Its a 1995 model and still works great.  The problem is I feel like it has its own mind or energy or mystic about it.  Like its been aound so long and its indestructable.  So maybe thats why I had a dream about the thing. So in the dream Im riding the thing and all of a sudden it starts going real fast and Im floppin back and forth like Linda Blair in the Exorcist on the bed scene.  (Love Linda Blair, so noffense to her)  So Im floppin and floppin and all a sudden it the thing stops and throws me to the ground.  So this mornign I wake up and Im looking at the Cardioglide thats looking all innocent in the corner of the room and Im thinking, maybe it needs to go back to the dumspter.  The problem is Im attatched to it now.  I like it.  I hate it too.  So yea, spooky.   The book I want to promote today besides The Sunshine Murders   is the book Poor Dad Rich Dad.  This book is pretty popular so I figured Id get it on I have one of their subscriptions which is about 14 bucks a month.  Its a decent deal.  Anyway so I listened to about three hours of it and the author was raised with two dads, one rich and one poor.  The poor dad has the view on money that goes like this.  Money is the root of all evil, yet he always worried about it and the lack of it.  The rich dad said the love of money is the root of all evil and put his money to work for himself  The poor dad and the rich dad both work hard and made good money yet one was rcih and one was broke.  So, it goes on and on about thinking, thoughts and views about money.  How the rich dude made money work for him much like planting a seed, when the tree grows it sets roots and you no longer have to water it as much.  The same thing applied to money and everything else. So although the book makes totally good sense I think its worthless to someone who HAS no money.  Just my thoughts.  This book works on the premise that money is available and you just have to use it correctly.  Its a good book but yea only for those of means in my opinion.  IE, people with stocks, bonds,real estate, etc.  Its all about leverage.  I think the author has a stick up his ass somewhat, maybe that better than everyone else attitude.  But whatever.  Its a book about money.  I give it a three star rating simply because I dont feel it applies to everyone.  The book link is here  Yesterday I had a request to write a blog for someone who wanted to promote his business so I thought.  The business was I thought his new startup company called Empower Network and he was a Jamaican Immigrant who struggled and finally succeeded with this company.  I wrote the bio thinking good for him, he made it out fo the rat race.  Later that day I was scanning my emails and come across a spam from a Rick Patterson and hes trying to hawk his business.. Wouldnt you know it, the business name was Empower Network.  Sucker born every minute.  So, hopefully this guy I wrote the bio and elevator pitch for wont be too bummed out when he finds he may be in for a ride from this Rick Patterson yahoo.  I made my money writing the to blogs for him but I wonder if he knows what hes getting into.  Like I said sucker born every minute.  I feel sorry for this world.  Ta ta.


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