Book Update And My Fiverr Gig!

So, my book the Sunshine Murders all of a sudden got a surge in sales and Im not sure why.  It went pretty flat for a while and then all of a sudden it got some sales for two days straight.  That was pretty cool although I dont really know why it happened.  It just did.  So, I think thats good for me, it brought my spirits up a bit.   This Kindle version has not been doing so well.  I think people are more interested in the Audio versions now.  I think its hard trying to write, publish and market a book to be honest.  Especially if your doing it alone and theres no body to help you.  Ive noticed its just that way.  This world moves so quick its easy to get lost in the shuffle.  But I did try and did complete the book as quirly as it is. I got an email from my HIV doctor and he says my numbers look fabulous!  lol…Ok, now what right?  I read a book about Brad Davis who had HIV back in the late 80s and finally died I think around 1991 or something around then.  I guess he was living in Los Angeles and when he did get really sick he decided to just take some pills or something..  I think it was just too much, living in and working as an actor in L.A.  So, he killed himself finally.  He was around 44 when he died.  So, alot of that makes me wonder, like why do I try so hard or is it that living with HIV makes it seem like Im trying so hard.  Probably the latter.  I went to the gym this morning and theres a lady who Im sure is a lesbian, she seems to have a grudge against me for some reason or just doesnt like me.  I see her always looking at me and kinda sneering and Im thinking who the hell is this.  Why does she give a shit about me?   Im sure if she knew five years ago I was on my deathbed with AIds and meningitis she wouldnt cop the attitude but oh well.  Cant waste no energy on those people.  Im running out of steam as it is.  I put a utube video of my Fiverr gig which is to write a blog or article for five bucks.  I think Fiverr is cool. I dont really make much but in the past year Ive made enough to buy a new computer so thats better than nothing.  Other than that Im still struggling with finances.  Its just the way it is.  I have sacrificed alot paying for school and supplied for my son and barely hanging in there myself.  Its just hard for me now.  It never used to be this bad but its very difficult.  Sometimes I do want to quit just because I see the way people are, all concerned about their own scene yet in the same breath will talk about what they do for the church.  All I see are people hurrying around, more like scrambling and then hiding away from people. Its that way here because even though its a big church place, the poverty rate is unbelievable.  I mean it sucks…So, maybe I should of stayed back home but then it probly wouldnt change stuff.  So, I write, edit and write again.  The book I have to put up today as a recommended read is Broken Pieces by Rachael Thompson..  This is a book for 10-12 year olds and I think its got some real good reviews.  I saw this when looking for a book my son may like.  I also like the Hunger games books but he already has all of them now.  Broken Pieces can be found here.  That’s about all I have for today.  If you need a blog or article written be sure to check out   I need all the support I can get!


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