Lizard Kid

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It’s only 18 pages so don’t lose me when you see this is a kids book, because it’s not really.

I know that I should have been working on my next book, The Lion, but instead I spent the last few snow days revamping an old story. I dug it out of the graveyard tub of my old writing. It’s quite funny, especially the fact that I sported a massive fro at the age of six.

There is so much hatred and sadness in the world right now, perhaps this can make you smile just a little.

Dream Big and With no Excuses, (and With Love for Goodness Sake),


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Casey Voight The Lizard Kid

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Second Post and Im Done!

Ok so yea I amy be a blog addict but normally I dont post two times in one day.  But today I was thinking about an old friend of mine who passed away from melanoma cancer a four years ago.  His name was Clint and we went way back to the 70s growing up in Ocean Beach San Diego California.  He was a way cool dude.  We grew up surfing together, partying together and just hanging out at the beach.  He was a true bro and It really saddened me and the other guys from our old OB crew.  He was a former US Army ranger and had a wife and two kids when he passed away.  When he died all of the surf crew paddled out at the pier and said their farewells to Clint.   On numerous times we met up at bars in Ocean Beach when we got a little older and I was in electrical school and he was working as a Supervisor for a big company in SD.  Our surfing back in the 80s and 90s is what kept us all connected for so many years.  So, when he died I was like WTF wer’e all kickin the bucket.  This was a tough dude too!  I mean he was a nice guy to his friends but he wasnt a guy you wanted to cross, not at all.  He smacked a few people down to their knees back in the day not so long ago and I was pretty taken aback by the change when he got pissed off.  But, I was the same way,, I never backed down from a fight and had my own share of beach brawls in my 20s.  But now that we are older I really wonder about stuff.  Like he died at 44 yet I almost kicked the bucket at 42 from meningitis and yet Im here still.  Some things are just the way things are I guess.  I just wanted to share this even though hes been gone a while now. So, say a prayer for his family, Im sure they still need it.Image

The DMV!

So this morning Im all panicked worrying about having to take my Drivers License renewal test. I mean Im studying signs last minute like merge in signs and railroad signs, hill signs and slippery when wet signs.( I like that last one  hehe) So I get there and my mind goes blank and then I think to myself damn dude you dealt with four years of electrical theory and and shit plus the Marine Corps and the Navy, cmon get it together ya loser.  So I sit down give them my old license and they have me put my head in that thingy to read signs and stuff. So, I look and it was all signs I already knew off the top of my head!  Hows that for old age!!  Ill be 50 in a week so yea its a mid life crisis deal, I worry about everything,  What I eat, how much I work out, the best way to deal with the dreaded HIV disease and yes my mental health.  I found that writing Love Me Till Tomorrow expresses how I see life.  Like this crazy journey through gas stations, mini marts, shady hotels, shady people and unpredictable and unmanageable situations. So, maybe as Im getting older, wiser and a bit more colorful, Im finding that its not so bad to be me.  I have stress, no doubt about it but when I look at something I wrote now versus something two years ago, I can see a dramatic change for the better.  Not everything in life is perfect.  Im not perfect but for all my flaws and quirks I feel Im becoming more rounded.  The Sunshine Murders is on Book Rix and they emailed me saying they wanted to add the book to the recommended books on the site. So that was cool. Other than that I feel blessed I dont have to take another drivers test for eight more years.  Now I just have to try to live long enough to take another one.Image

Book Update Love Me Till Tomorrow, Love Me Till We Die

So, Im still working on the book, Love Me Till We Die.  It’s still a love story but there is some tragedy behind it all.  Im not going to say what but it has to do with water, drinking water.  So, after the plague has wiped out the entire east coast and Mark And Desiree are heading west to find…survivors…anything really.  So, the story is unfolding like, Mark and Desirree escape the compound which is controlled by the miltary in the Mojave desert.  They escape in a jeep Desiree hot wired.  (See Im all for strong women!  Love them!)  So anyway, they start driving through the desert and they realize that animals are dying, everywhere.  So, here is the latest chapter or two.  Mind you it still needs editing, rewrite bla bla bla…:)

(Chapter Eleven)

The night came on quickly for Mark and Desirree.  By eight o’clock they were ready.  Dinner at the mess tent had been uneventful.  The first officer had done what he could to talk with them. Protocols and daily activities were the norm or the conversation.  The couple had sat at the table with them but had not been conversational.  Small talk mostly.  Desirree thanked the officer for the accommodations but nothing more.  They remained cordial but kept their minds focused on the task at hand.  By eight they were ready.  Mark had the pack ready, ready at a moments notice to throw in the Jeep and go.   Desiree sat in the tent after dinner.
 “I’m ready Mark.”
 “I know, me too.” 
He smiled at her, a weak smile but nevertheless confident they would make it out of the compound.
 “I think we should just go for it.  I know we will be fine.” 
Desirre nodded.  “I know, I know we will.”
 They sat in silence for the next half hour.  Mark checked the knapsack and zipped it up, anticipating the move.   Nine o’clock came quickly, the night was quiet except the occasional snore interrupting the silence from one of the other soldiers in the tents.  By nine thirty they were poised and ready to break.
 “I think this will be fun.  Well, I don’t know about fun but it should be eventful.”
 She laughed.
  Mark smiled and brushed her hair back away from her eyes.
 “Yes…fun.  Somehow I don’t know if it will really be fun.  Maybe a little crazy!”  Desirree laughed quietly.
 “Yea, crazy, I like crazy!”
  The Jeep sat idly in fifty yards away.
 “Let’s go now.”  she said, getting up on her knees.
 “Ok, let’s do this.”
 Mark got up slowly and peered out of the tent.
  “I’m ready, stay quiet.”
  he pulled his jacket up over his head and stepped out of the tent for the last time.   Desirree followed quickly behind.  No lights, no standing guards.  The two trekked across the tent area and fell behind a thick clump of weeds ten yards from the Jeep.
 “You stay here, I’ll signal you. Kiss me for good luck!”
 Mark kissed her softly on the lips.  “I trust you Mark.”  “I trust you Desiree.” She got up and began to to move towards the Jeep.  Mark remained behind the weeds.  She moved quickly through tall grass and to the Jeep.  Mark could see her penlight flicker as she studied the wires of the Jeep.  Sitting behind the wheel she cut the wires carefully.  Touching the wires together she heard what she wanted to hear.  A spark and the crank of the motor trying to engage.   She quickly undid the wires.  She signaled Mark with her left hand.  He slowly crept from behind the clump of grass and to the Jeep.  He hopped in on the passenger side and pulled the knapsack into the vehicle.
 “It’s going to work!”  she whispered.
  “Cool!” Mark said  began to step out of the vehicle.
  “I’ll push us out of here, you steer.”
 She nodded.
 “Got it!”  She whispered.
Mark moved towards the back of the vehicle and pushed.  Nothing.  It wouldn’t budge.  Not an inch.  He pushed harder.  Nothing.
 “What’s wrong?”  Desirree called back in a whisper.
 “She won’t move, maybe it’s stuck.” 
Desirree climbed out of the vehicle and walked back to the Jeep.
 “Ok, let’s both push.”
 She positioned herself behind the Jeep.
 “Ok, on three.  One, two, three!”
 They pushed together as hard as they could.  Nothing.
 “Ok, on three Mark.  Push hard!”
 Again they pushed as hard as they could.  Finally the Jeep nudge forward.  An inch, then two.  They continued pushing and finally they Jeep broke free and started moving forward slowly at first and then a steady roll.
 “It’s working!  I’m getting in, keep pushing Mark.  I’ll turn it over once I get about twenty feet past here.  That’s far enough away from the tents.”
 He kept pushing, the Jeep lurched forward. Finally after a minute, the Jeep was far enough in the clearing.  No guards, coast….clear.  Desirree put the wires together and instantly the Jeep roared to life.
  “Get in!  C’mon baby!”
 Mark ran from the back of the Jeep and jumped in just as Desirree gave the four wheel vehicle gas.
 “Oh, yea!  Good job girl!!”
 Mark settled back in the Jeep as Desirree floored the vehicle and it sped through the clearing out onto what appeared to be a dirt road.  She turned the lights on the Jeep and instantly the road became clear.  Straight shot out of the compound.  She looked behind in the rear view mirror.  Nobody, no one followed.
 “This was too easy Mark.” She smiled.
 Mark looked over at Desirree.  Her hair blew back as she drove, her chistled face illuminated by the moon up above them. 
“Oh, Mark this is so cool.  Aren’t you proud of me?”
  He watched as Desirree drove the Jeep.  “Beautiful.”  he said more to himself than anything else.
 “What?!”  Desirree shouted back over the noise of the motor.
  “I love You!”
 Mark shouted back instantly realizing that yes, he did love this girl.  The girl with the chiseled face and gorgeous figure.  This girl who was smart, funny and adventurous.  “I love you Desirree!”
  She looked over at him as she drove.
  “Oh Mark, do you?  Do you really love me?”  She turned back and focused on the road.
 “Yes!  I do!”  Mark replied louder this time.
 “Oh, I love you too Mark!  We are going to make it!  I trust you, do you trust me?” 
“I do Desirre!  I do love you!”
  She kept driving, down the dusty dirt road, heading west.

Chapter Twelve
A New Problem

     The night wore on as they drove.   “Mark, let’s pull over.”  He rousted from his half sleep haze.  “Yea, let’s. Damn desert is bumpier than I thought.” 
“Yea, it is.” she said.
  He looked over at her.  Her face looked drawn, like she was deep in thought.
 “What’s the matter girl?  You were so happy,  what happened?”
 She pulled the jeep off the road and stopped.
 “I don’t know.  You were kind of nodding out, I didn’t want to wake you.”
  “That’s ok, I wouldn’t of minded.” He wiped some of the mud that had flown up on him from the drive.
 “I…saw something Mark.  I did.”  “What was it? Another Jeep?”
  “No, it was more than that.  Different than that I mean.  I saw…uhmm..dead animals.”
 “Oh, no.  How many?”
 “Too many to count Mark.  All dead.  Like they had just died in their tracks.  It was too weird.”  He could see tears welling up in her eyes .
  “Wow, that is weird.  Take it easy baby, we are fine.”
  “Yea, but…but…what do you think killed them?  The water maybe?”
 He thought a second
. “Yea, the water.  Probably the water.”
  “Mark.”  she looked at him with eyes beginning to stream with tears.
 “We drank the water too.”
 He suddenly realized that , yes they had drank the water.
 “But, we didn’t get sick Desirre.  Do you feel ok?”
 “I feel fine now, but…I don’t know do you think it’s really ok to drink? I mean do you remember what the officer said?  It’s a slow acting poison Mark.”
 Maybe we just havent gotten sick yet.  Oh my god Mark!  Hold me.  I’m scared.”
  He wrapped his arm around her trying to think what to say.
  “No… Desirree.  We are going to be fine.  I just know it. You have to beleive me!”
 She looked into his eyes, her own streaming a flood of tears.
“I really love you Mark.  I really think I do.  Maybe you think I’m just a silly girl, but I love you.  I want us to make it through this.”
“We will!  Have faith my lady.We will Desiree.”
 He held her closely and drops of tears fell upon his shoulders as she sobbed.
She layed her head on his shoulders as he consoled her.
 “I know, I know.  I trust you…I tust you Mark.”
The darkness was overwhelming.  Mark looked up to the sky.  Stars, millions,he thought.
 “I know we will make it.  Help us God.”
She continued to cry, upon his shoulder, softly now.
“I love you Desirre.  I love you.”
The night wore on.  They slept.  A new day began.   The sun again rose over the barren desert illuminating the landscape.  The cactus, the shrubs and tumbleweeds.  It also brought a new light to what was really happening as they drove through the desert. Animals, roadrunners, hyenas, snakes.  All dead.  Hundreds if not thousands as they continued their trek.
 “Oh my god Mark.  Do, you see them all?  They are all dead, all of them.”
 He looked out from the jeep.
 “Yes, I see.  They are all gone I’m afraid.”
 Inside he was worried.  Scared.  Deepy scared.
 “We will be ok Desirree.  I know we will.  Have faith.  I think we may be getting closer.  Out of the desert I mean.  Maybe ten miles I think.”
  “Yes I know, maybe your right.  I can see something through those foothills Mark.  Looks like maybe….I don’t know, a town?  “
He squinted through the windshield which by now was covered with insects, dead from impact with the vehicle. 

Weight Loss Goals

Ok so, I’m trying to lose weight and even though Ive been working out, the weight isn’t coming off enough.  But I went to the VA docs and saw a nutritionist and she weighed me and Ive lost 4.5 pounds in the last month!  So, that’s a big plus for me and I have lost ten in the last year.  I’m cool with that but I need to lose more/ So I joined a thing at the VA called MOVE   Its designed to help those who need weight loss actually lose the weight.  So its all about diet and exercise.  So, I’m going to try my hardest to lose the weight.  ill be 50 in a week and a half.  Jeez never thought Id get that far.  Its just been a rough last few years. So, while that’s a good thing so is the reviews Ive been getting on Love Me Till Tomorrow on Createspace. It does need some tweaking but its got good foundation and flow as someone said in a review. So, it good that I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel. Writing I found is more of a therapeutic thing for me and for a lot of writers. I think deep down most of us know no matter how much we market, tweak, edit and rewrite, we more than likely will never make alot of money doing it. That’s why they have actual jobs I guess. Your supposed to build your reputation over the years and finally you get that bit promotion and yadayada..But its fun to do and create and connect so its worth it in little ways I guess. I’m looking at this weight loss thing a little more serious now. I want to lose at least 20 more and then Ill be doing better. That will put me in the not-overweight range. so wish me luck!


Ok so I have my new book on Authorautomy. Heres the kindle link. Authorautomy seems pretty cool, but you have to publish at least 10,000 words to get seen. I figured since Im such a lame ass I may as well put part of it on there.  Besides I lost my original manuscript so I had to go crazy and try and find where I put it.  On the harddrive?  No….On some paper?  No.  Oh shit where the fuck is it.  Finally after wracking my brain I realized that oh yea, its on a flash drive.  Silly Dave!  So I look and its not all on the flashdrive, only 3/4 of it.  I needed it to do some editing.  Then I  realized I had sent the entire manuscript to a friend of mine in California who thanks god still had it!  So i decided to post it to Authorotomy.  Im not sure what the site is all about but its a cool site with a boatload of books.

  Last night I was reading about HIV dessidents.  These are people who do NOT believe the HIV virus exist.  Many of them live with or HIV/Aids.  Wait, many of lived lived with HIV.  Now they are dying.  Why uh…cause they don;t thake meds and think they can cure themselves by eating raw food and working out (sp) like crazy.  Nah…yer wrong Dumbass!  The HIV virus needs to be treated with meds plain and simple.  These crazy people believe that the meds are toxic and are killing everyone who takes them.  Sure they are fuckin toxic but so is the damn virus!   But to not take them guarantees a life of slow decay.  Ive been pos 18 years now and take my meds daily. Sure they suck  but if I didn’t have them I would die…no fuckin’ doubt.  So, to all you dissedents out there….Wake Up!  

On a lighter not, Love Me Till Tomorrow is a book Im pretty proud of. Not that its a huge novel but that I can see my writing has improved alot.  So, while the hanger outers of Durham NC yell and scream outside about who is buying the next twelve pack, I’m content with writing, editing, learning and connecting.  It just seems to work better.Image

Book Update “Love Me Till We Tomorrow”

So, today I see my book “Love Me Till we Tomorrow” has made it to 121,000 on the Amazon rank.  This from what I hear doesnt really mean you made alot of sales.  It just means that the book has sold more than than most books on Amazon out of a million something Kindle books.  So, seeing that most books sell nada then it could mean I sold one or two.  Haha.  Not important.  what is important is that I start writing and keeping tabs on my work.  Like stay organized.  Im not very organized at all.  I managed to lose my original manuscript of the book when I replaced it with another document.  So, its gone forever from the hard drive except for the Kindle version and lucky for me most of it is on a flash drive.  Im very scattered I know.  So, im happy with the book so far, it seems like it is really coming along.  “Love Me Till Tomorrow” is the first book and the second is “Love Me Till We Die”  The second book is not finished yet so, it will be a while.  Here is the short link to the book.

I see the Boston drama has gotten even more crazy.  I guess they found the guy or killed one of them.  I dont know whats going on anymore.  I think life gets too crazy for people and they flip out.  Thats why I write!  It helps me to stay focused and motivated.  I dont understand how people can completely go over the edge.  Why not just be homeless if your that wacked out?  Why go to extremes?  I mean it would be easier to just bum a buck or fish or whatever for your food and stuff.  Ive been homeless.  It sucked but I made the best of it.  I ate muscles off the jetties and fished and went and cruised around for cans which I would cash in.  I mean jeez, maybe Im old but Ive also learned alot.  So, yea,,,moving on.  Im still writing, editing and plugging along.  It just takes time.  Like anything. 

Update On New Book

Ok, so many people know I wrote The Surnshine Murders. This was a book I wrote whie recovering from an illness.  When it was finished I wasn;t really happy with it so I got some help with the whole editing thing.  Then when it finally was finished I thought wow that reads much better.  I also learned some tricks of the trade.  But  I havent learned the marketing side of the whole book thing.   I figured if I worte something well it would just go from there.  wrong!  Doesnt work that way!  Especially if your on your own.  You need help when it comes to marketing.  So, I found some sites that offer free exposure for your books.   Even that didn;t really seem to make a huge difference.  So, I figured I would just let it go and see what happens.  Since that time  The Sunshine Murders has sold a few books.  Not alot but enough to let me know that the book isnt a total flop.  So, then I kept writing because it helped with my  extreme anxiety.   I think this happened from the illness from what the docs say.  So then in Novemeber of last year I sterted writing Love Me Till we Die which then turned into Love Me Till Tomorrow and a second book, Love Me Till We Die. So now the first book is finished for the most part. It moves along pretty quick but its also a book that can really make you think…”What would I do If this happened?  I honestly dont know what I would do if there was a plague which wiped out an entire population ad I was left standing there.  Pretty scary.  So, yea it was fun to write I must admit.  I had a good go at it and learned alot about myself in the process.  I would like to figure out how to live with this illness and not go insane but it is what it is.   Just have to hang in there.  My son is graduating from fifth grade soon.   So, it’s on to a school of the Arts I guess for him.  He’s a smart kid and I hope he really goes far in life. I just hope he keeps seeing the bright side of life.  Other than that I keep writing and working out.  Trying to keep my sanity and abstain from shit that fucks me up.  No booze, no smokes, no parties.   Nothing.  I guess Im getting older. 

Love Me Till We Die Update.

So, I have been writing alot!  I decided to change the story and make the book two separate stories.  The first is Love Me Till Tomorrow  and the second is Love Me Till We Die.  The first book is Mark and Desirree scrambling to find a way out of desert and finding the military compound.  The second is The escape from the compound and the two of them heading west to the coast.  I’m not sure where it will go from there.  But, the water which caused the contamination of the water supply has killed all of the people.  So, the two survivors are trying to find civilization. I dont know if they will make it yet.  They found water and drank some of it.  They had to.  So, they didnt find out about the contamination until they had drank water.  Ive got the first book on Kindle and will update as I go along.  I noticed the title on Kindle is still Love Me Till We Die instead of Love Me Till Tomorrow.  I know, I’m an idiot. So, the book is coming along good.  Its just crazy  to try and stay focused.  Im not going to give away the whole book cause that would be cheating.  I am having fun writing though.

I heard there was an explosion at the Boston Marathon today.  When will it stop?  I dont know, maybe when we stop messing up as a human race and take responsibility for ourselves and quit blaming everyone else.  I think its sad but not surprising.  I see this little cat laying around here and all she wants is peace, like me.  Maybe we are fit for each other.  Today I found her trying to crawl up the door on the outside, yesterday she jumped on top of my car, waiting for me to get out.  It really is strange how cats just want so little, shelter and food and maybe a scratch here and there.  If only we were so simple…