Book Update And Why Do This?

So, Ive finished all the editing on the book and then holy shit I finally got a review!  Whoo Hoo.  It was a good one too!..hen I look and see…oh shit yea…a bad review.  Somebody didnt like my book.  They thought it sucked.  Oh shit, wheres the noose?  So I started thinking about it.  Why in the world would someone give me a shitty review.  I mean dont they know its me?  HaHa.  No, becomes I am just a random author who tried to write a book.  Ok, Ill admit, the Sunshine Murders book isnt an award winning book.   Im a no name yahoo.  Its fine.  And the book is for all intents and purposes written somewhat off the wall.  I mean the two detectives are like Mutt and Jeff. One of the detectives is pretty straight laced and the other one is a wack job who cant stop drinking shitty coffee.  I mean this detective has some major issues.  Finally towards the end of the book he decides to change to Starbucks.  I never wrote in if it was decaf but regardless this dude probly has the runs like every hour on the hour.  But the book to me was a success, with the editing by Elizabeth Guy and the narration by Luke Smith, I think it came out pretty good.  Its a damn muder mystery people, its kind of wacky plus Im wacky especially after almost succumbing to HIV and meningitis.  But I tried and thats all that matters.  I understand, people are ruthlessly critical, I get it.  Especially towards authors who are expected to have their work written with perfect punctuation, proper grammar and all that shit.  I dont know, I tried.  So on the homefront things are weird too. The son and better half are in California soaking up the rays listening to her mother talk through smoke filled breaths.  This is a lady that knows how to freakin smoke.  I mean she is a damn chimney.  I kid you not she smokes a ciarette every firteen minutes.  When shes not smoking she eating and playing free cell.  I got no problem with that its her life but I honestly think a woman who stands maybe 5’3″ and weighs 350 pounds should be bit more concerned about her health than spewing  rhetoric out of a smoke filled orifice.  I just think its gross. Serious mental issues.  But well I have them too its just that I at least try and do something positive.  Like write a book.  So wen I wrote My Life A Life Story Of A Man Infected it was like the whole can of worms fell out in the sand.  All my secrets and dreams and failures all squirming out there for all to see.   It really was depressing.  While the reviews Ive gotten on Amazon have all been five star reviews I sometimes wonder if writing the book was a good idea. Pouring my soul to the world to see was not really what I had in mind.  But its done and out there and I cant go back. Ive found a new friend.  Its a cat. A small black and white female.  This cat has such a sweet disposition its hard to kick the cat out of the house.  It really is a nice cat.  So, besides that my book writing is continuing. I’m working on a new book called Love Me Till We Die. Ive been trudging along for the past few months on it and it is doing ok. I just dont want to let out too much yet but I have put an except in somewhere on these blogs. I think Im in love with a couple girls. One is Brandie May and the other is Casey Voight.  Ok, maybe not in love but I really admire their work and both have brains and oh so much beauty.    I shouldnt say that too loud.  Someone may get jealous.  So, thats all I have to say right now.   There’s no work out there Imageunless of course your into doing law maintenance or picking up trash on the asphalt.  The life of a struggling author.


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