Oh no, Im going crazy. Book Update And A Fiverr Gig?

So, yea, I got a new update to share.  It seems so strange that when you put your book up for a free promotion on Kindle, a boatload of people want to read it.  But, when you don;t and charge a few pennies nobody  wants to buy it.  Im thinking most people have been reduced to running around with sticks and kickin cans up sidewalks because well, if I look out the window, it seems that what some people here do.  I mean isnt this America?  Granted most doing the stick dealyo are kids but Ive seen some young adults of about twenty something doing the same thing and grumblin fu*( this and Fu*( that.  I mean that is so freakin sad.  Where are the parents?  I dont want to know.  Anyways, so today I took my son to the driving range to hit some balls.  I like hitting the balls just to see how far I can still hit even if I am living with HIV and almost keeled over.  So, I hit the damn thing and hit the 250 yard mark consistently.  Some balls even flew over trees that musta been 80 feet high.  So, Im still strong thank god but when it comes to writing and marketing…well I suck.  I do make sales on The Sunshine Murders but in all honesty not enough for me to consider even thinking about making a living as an author.  So, I wont call myself an author.  I am a published writer.  Thats about it.  I found this thing called soothing sounds by One World,  Its a little thing that looks like a little old school radio.  It plays or makes rather sound slike ocean waves and rain and babbling brooks and stuff.  Its designed to help you relax I guess.  So last night I turn the thing on and went to sleep.  2:00 am I wake up and its still going but it sounds louder, like huge waves crashing and Im thinking for a split second.  Holy shit, Im sleeping on the fuckin beach.    Then I came around and thought oh yea its the wave making thingamigiggy.  So, its goes on all night and the waves are crashing and then by the morning its still on!  I mean it runs off three triple A batteries but its still going.  So, I look and see online it cost 28 bucks and up to 40 something dollars.  Guess how much I got it for?Image Answer….two bucks at a thrift store.  Sorry Im rambling and have alot to tell.  So, this morning I go to the big trash can and find a couple end tables somebody tossed.  I grabbed them and after the golf hitting excursion we finished them up best we could with some varnish.  I thought they were cool mostly cause they were…uh…free!  Image  So that was a fun project and didnt cost a dime.  Except for the varnish.  My new book is coming along well, the Romance/Survival one.  I get going on it then something else comes up and well…you know.  Im finding that the little things are more appeaImageling to me versus huge projects like this. So, hopefully the week will bring about some more welcome changes.  Ill be doing  some more writing on my book and oh I forgot probably some more Fiverr gigs which I seemed to get swamped with. http://fiverr.com/dobguy1/research-and-write-a-blog-or-article   Image  I know dont laugh but its an extra 300-400 a month and very easy to do.  So, if your book isnt going anywhere or you seem to be in a preverbial rut on what to write, write for Fiverr!  I write blogs and articles and stay pretty busy with them.  Ok, Iv’e said too much, I apologize and forgot what this blog is really supposed to be about!  The Sunshine Murders! http://www.amazon.com/The-Sunshine-Murders-Trilogy-Series/dp/1480153214




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