Rediculousness, is That A Word?

so I was looking around at the sag that surrounds me.  I was thinking this is all rediculousness.  Is that a word?  I dont know.  All I know is Im in this crazy town called Durham NC and I do not for the life of me understand it.  It just seems so weird.  I see tons of these school buses and Im like sheesh, Im a stranger in a strange land.  Still.  I mean its the same thing here  day after day after day.  So to break up the montony I go to the gym and workout.  I cant handle the screaming young moms yelling at their kids and the cmon cmon lets go!  I guess Im just burned out.  I got tired I guess. Then the Durham VA calls and says they want me to come in for a nutrition class. If I was an asshole Id say I eat what keeps me alive  fuck you.  But, the speal will be eat lots of fruits and nuts and whole wheat grains.  Shakes or smoothies and low card stuff.  Yea yea I know asswipe.  How bout giving me the cash to buy all that shit on your dietary list.  Assburgers!  So, while I do eat healthy and watch my weight and stuff I cant help but wonder why do these fucks even give a shit.  I dont even call to go in anymore.  Well, heres the kicker.  Whenever I present my VA card they swipe it.  Once that gets done, they bill the government who in turn bill the taxpayers.  Its the biggest fuckin racket out there.  I know, Ive seen it.  In fact I was one of the fire alarm techs who installed their fucking fire alarm system. But since I got sick I realized that well, Im no longer employable.  So, its that fucked up rediculousness that I got caught up in.  if you have never been to Durham NC….don;t.  Its a trap and you will regret it.  If you can get out from the strangle hold, run west as far as you can go, even if its just to chill on a beach.  So, yea Im stuck out here because the better half says without the VAs help you would be dead.  So, who or what to believe?  I dont know.  Image

On a lighter side, Ive been writing blogs for an electrical company out in Colorado and I make aboutfifteen bucks for a 400 word blog.  Not bad since its ongoing I guess. The weather has been nice lately,  The CImagearolina blue skies as they call it.  If you look closely at the picture, you will see the electrical towers.  These towers from what I hear have been here for ages!  I mean they are old school no doubt.  There are tons of these huge electrical plants everywhere out here.  Kinda trips me out coming from San Diego.  But for me…well theres not a whole lot except to workout and maybe eat better.  Today’s lunch consisted of me eating a bunch of lettuce with oil and vinegar and some croutons.  So while im eating my rabbit food lunch I look at the ingredients and find that the oil and vinegar dressing has like 2 grams of fat and the low calorie stuff llike Blue Cheese or Ranch still has 8 grams of fat.  So, the problem is I was eating salads but putting all kinds of lousy dressing on it which really did little to help loose weight…..but I am losing weight now!  In fact Ive lost 15 pounds in the last two months.  I think its the diet but its also the fact that Ive split up my workout regiment to include crunches.  So I do four sets of crunches (25) each.  Then 100 leg presses with 200 pounds.  Then about 3-4 miles on the treadmill with the incline set at 16.  So thats my workout. Now if it is helping me well…I am sure it is I just dont really know if it is or not.  Considering seven years ago I was nearly dead from my Aids diagnosis and a fucked up pathetic hellatious (sp) bout of meningitis I think Im ok.  Plus on top or that I’ll be 50 in two weeks.  The big 50.  Oh shit.  Some lady who read my book (My Life A Life Story Of A Man Infected) said dave you have been  through alot in your life but look at you, your going to be 50 and your still here after all you have been through.  I looked at her thinking ok thanks.  Then I said…uh..thanks. I mean I know her but not really. Shes nice at times and other tmes huffing and puffing talking about her nine kids.  True story.  So thats it, the Durham VA, the electrical towers, the gym, me turning 50 oh and of course The Sunshine Murders!



2 thoughts on “Rediculousness, is That A Word?

  1. Heya Majic, it’s ok, just have to be picky who you write for. Ive been at it a few years now. I also write blogs on Fiverr. Screen name dobguy1. I get alot of gigs there. doesnt pay as well but its better than nothing:)

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