Videos on Utube not Working and update on Book and What Is Ambush?

Ok, so today I made a video on Utube and found that my videos did not work.  Not at all!  I mean the video works but not the sound.  So if anyone knows how to fix it please help!  This is only my video that I make.  So if you can help I would appreciate it!  Heres the video.  I dont know why it wont work.  So, my book “Love Me Till We Die is coming along ok but its tough.  Granted Im not an accomplished writer.  Not at all.  I just try which I really dont know why.  I should be surfing or laying on the beach looking at girls or drinking some cheap rot gut beer and saying fuckit.  But I dont even though it may not hurt. The book is about a couple who survive a government concocted plague and everyone on a plane dies leaving them stranded in the Mojave desert.  So, I’ll post an exerpt here.  Remember I am not an author/writer by trade.  I started my hand at writing a book last year. Mind you this book needs editing and right now is here.


“Love Me Till’ We Die”
By Dave Donahue
Copyright 2013

Chapter One

     “Where are we?”
      “I don’t know” he replied, looking at the girl.
 She was young maybe 17.  Her lips quivered a bit as she asked the question.  “I think we may be at the edge.”
  He  gazed out onto the horizon. The desert wind blew his long blonde hair up against his face and he brushed it back still gazing off into the distance.  He brushed his shorts off looking back at the wreckage and then to the young girl who stood beside him.
      “Where is everyone?” she said. Louder this time thinking the young man wasn’t listening.
       “I think they are all dead.  I believe its only us I’m afraid.” She looked over at him squinting in the hot sun.
 He looked over at her then behind him again to the wreckage that lay in a smoldering pile.  A twisted gnarled clump of metal were all that remained.  Bodies lay about strewn across the disaster area like fallen chess pieces. “Yes.” she said.
      “But where are we?  The edge?”  “Yes, I think it’s the edge of the Mojave Desert.  We came from the east, don’t you remember?”
 He looked over at the young girl who stood nearly a foot shorter than he.  She was pretty, her long brownish blonde hair wavy and her face a chiseled perfection.  He smiled yet winced as he did.
    “Oh. Are you hurt?”she asked looking up at the young man.
     “I’ll be ok, I’m sure I’ll heal.”  
The two looked back at all that remained of the Boing 747. Smoke rose from the fuselage and the acrid smell of burning charred flesh was stiffling.
    “I think we are all that’s left.  I wonder, oh god I wonder if anyone survived on the West Coast.”
  The girl thought a moment, about the trip and why they had left New York City.  It had been a plague, a deadly virus that had struck quickly. Like cyanide it had decimated the entire population of New York quickly.  There had been no survivors, just the two of them  and the people on board the airplane.  She kept looking up at him.
   “Maybe we are all that’s left.  What should we do?”  “I don’t know.”
  He replied slowly again and licked a drop of blood from his lips.   “I think we need to at least find a shelter or make something out of what we can find. “No?”  “Yes. definitely.” she said.  she looked at the remains of the airliner.  “We should make it further away, away from the smell.  It’s so horrible.  I can’t believe this!  Yes…yes a shelter, we have to make a shelter!  It  may get cold tonight.”
  The young man again looked off onto the horizon wondering.  Is there any life left anywhere?

Chapter Two

     The two back tracked their way back to the burned out remains of the airplane.  They rummaged through the wreckage for whatever they could salvage. A blanket, a life jacket, a half burned pillow.  It was a start.
     “We’ll use this blanket and build a tent. What do you think?”  He held it up for the young girl to see.  She bit her lip, cracking a wry smile. She tried to put the thought of the dead people out of her mind.  ‘Stay focused’  she said to herself. She covered her nose with her hand.
     “Yeah. Yeah…ok.”
 She looked at the young man who  had taken his shirt off and wrapped it around his head.  He couldn’t be much older than her she thought.  She looked at his tanned sculpted body and admired his physic.  He caught her eye and laughed.
     “Ok.  So pay attention alright?  He looked at her and noticed her looking at him.  We’ll do that.  We need some sticks or something to hold it up. Oh and by the way, my  name’s Mark and you are?”
      “Desiree.” she said stopping herself briefly from looking at his body. She tried to focus on his eyes.
  “Oh, ok.  That’s fine.  Oh, and my name is Desiree.”
    “Ahhhh, I see.” He said as he fumbled with a few sticks he found on the ground.  “Nice name. Desiree.  Very nice.”
  He looked at her closer.  She was pretty, he thought.  A bit young but nevertheless, very pretty.
 He bent over to pick up a cane close to the wreckage.
      “This will do, I think we can use this as a tent stick or something.”
  Desiree picked up a couple pillows and held them  up for his approval.
       “Those will work good too. We can definitely use those.”
 They worked quickly, building the makeshift tent of blankets, sticks and pillows. After forty five minutes Mark stood back adiing their work.  “Nice.”
     “I think it may be dark soon, it may get cold tonight.”  She nodded and looked to the sky.  “I’ll find whatever else I can find to keep us warm. ”  She went back a few yards and picked up what appeared to be a small blanket which was no bigger than a bath towel.
  Desiree poked her head inside the tent and as she did Mark couldn’t help him self from staring at her backside. she wore Levi’s which were probably a couple sizes too small.
 She backed out and looked up as he stood looking down at her smiling to himself.
     “What are you doing?” she said as she stood.
  He blushed a bit and stared at the ground.
      “Oh, nothing, I was looking at the tent.”
  She laughed  and smiled at him.  He couldn’t help himself and again found himself mesmerized by her body tucked away in tight levis.
     “Ok, Mark so, do we climb in? You think we will be safe?”
 Mark regained his composure.
      “Uh…I think so..I don’t really see why not.”
     The two climbed into the tent and Desiree lay down positioning the pillow  a few times.   She looked up at the ceiling of the tent as Mark lay beside her.  
     “I’m exhausted.”  Mark said as he lay down.
      “I really hope we can find out way out of here.  Tomorrow I think we should look for food. Maybe there is something left on the plane’s cargo area. “
       “Yes.”  Desiree said as she felt herself beginning to nod off.
      “I think that would be a good idea. Tomorrow.”



So, thats the first couple chapters, it needs work I know but Im at Chapter ten right now.  It will be finished in about 3 months after editing and formatting and yadayada…ughhhh..I saw this thing called Ambush and its supposed to cure Aids.  So I contact the guy, he is a so called apostle of something…so, I say hey give me the freakin antedote!  Im dying man!   He says I need a donation of a thousand dollars.  I say No!  I need the antedote!  Now Mr!  I was kinda messing with him but he sent me tthe stuff for free.  It came in a small plastic baggy.  It looks like a bunch of freakin twigs and leaves.  So he says boil it and take it for 21 days and the HIV will be gone.  So, I boil it and it smells like Halloween cider and then I decided shit I cant take this stuff.  So I tossed it..I dont know, I think the guy may be trying to make a buck off it.  So, Im left taking my meds and hoping for a cure.  Who knows…it could happen.  I managed to hit the gym yesterday and worked out like cray and came home and ate some rabbit food.  I dont know what Im doing anymore.  Just trying to survive as I tell the better half.  She says “You are surviving!  So shut the fuck up!!!”  The Sunshine Murders is stagnent.  No sales…Nothing.  I thought maybe I tweak it some more but nah…its finished leave it alone.. No sense it destroying a couple hundred bucks of editing and a few months of writing.  So, Ill let it go. Image Thats the paperback link and guess what?   I have one review so far!  Five Stars!!! Whoo freakin Hooo!..So, if your looking to help a struggling author who is struggling all the way around check out the book.   Its cheap on Kindle and Audible.  Ok, Im rambling, I wont go on and bore you anymore.  have a great day!


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