Book Update, Gym Update, Health Update

So, today I worked out like a madman again.  I also got my HIV lab results back.  I have some viral activity from what the reports says.. Basically my viral load is sitting at 85 which really isnt high at all.  High is when it gets above like 100,000.  So my doc says its probably just a blip.  He says it happens but that I need to stay on the regiment of my HIV meds meaning dont miss even one day… So, Im working on that.  Im pretty steady with my exercise routine. 3-4 miles a day on the treadmill then 100 220 lb leg presses at intervals of 25.  Then 50 crunches.  And if Im not too burned by then about 20-30 bench presses of about 140.  So, Im not killing myself but Im practically living in the gym until mid day now.  I have some good friends there so it beats hangin out at home.  But Ive also been writing my new book, Love Me Till We Die.  Its coming along well and Im averaging 500- 1000 words a day which isnt bad.  Its got a good story plot so there is room for alot of exploration into different events that occur in the book between the two plane survivors Mark and Desiree.  Im having fun with it I guess. The thing Ive learned about myself through all this writing is it has alowed me to see how some people are so caught up in denial.  Like drinking and all that shit.  I have a story about that but I wont go into it..   Put it this way, I hate drunks.  especially because they have nothing to offer but the spew that comes out of their drunken pie holes.  So sorry if I offend anyone who is a drunk here but well, I think they suck ass.  My best friend turned into an alchy and I am sure hes dead by now..  So, there ya go, alcohol kills and you are not indestructable even if you feel you are.  Ill be 50 in two weeks so its a big milestone for me.  I never thought I would reach it especially after being hospitalized and near death at 43.  So Im thankful  Thankful that although I should of died when my son was 3 from the crypto meningitis, hes now ten years old and Im still here for him..So, thats all I could ask for.  The Sunshine Murder is still lacking sales but it does seem to come in waves, the sales I mean.   Speaking of which, the surf is going to be happening soon.  may have to head to the coast and hit some waves at Cape Hatteras, just like the old days when I was tearing it up like in this pic…Life is weird, I can still remember this day at the beach in NC, with this cool board I bought on the outer banks when I was in the Marines…Image


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