The Sunshine Murders And Why I Wrote This Book

SUnshineMurdersCover2_copyOk, so as alot of my friends know I wrote an autobiography of my life.  Sometimes I really wonder why I did it, or rather if it was really worth writing it and letting the cat out of the bag, so to speak.  Initially it was the VA Veterans Hospital that helped me to realize that i wasnt going to die from the dreaded big “A” diagnosis. At first I figured my ife was over.  It seems that life throws enough curve balls at us and I had no idea how to survive with a chronic illness diagnosis.  I thought oh fuck, Im in trouble now.  I mean I lived to work, it was my only way of sustaining myself.  So, when I got out of the hospital I was hoping to go back to work.  Didn’t last though, the cognitive damage was too great.  So, then when I went to the doc they said start writing.  I was like WTF?  Write?  What the hell about?  They said just write about your life, everything that comes to mind.  This was a therapist at the VA.  So I took the advice and started writing.  I wrote and wrote and kept writing and then I was thinking Im going mad.  I might as well be writing on a tree. But i kept at it and finally I realized what they  were doing.  They were trying to help me get unstuck which is what happens to people when they get sick or they go through traumatic stuff.  So, finally I had written enough to actually see where my life had taken some shitty turns.  Someone told me to think about publishing it.  I was thinking no fuckin  way.  Then they said it may help other people dealing with illness.  You never know.  So that was how I actually started getting into writing and publishing.  I mean there were lots of twists and turns in the process, I didnt understand the whole publishing deal, it seemed like people just wanted money.  So that’s when I found out about Createspace.  So thats what happened there.  After the book was published then I realized I liked writing.  So I started the fiction book The Sunshine Murders.  I mean it’s pretty quirky and I’m sure there are tons of other books that blow the hell off my book but….its mine.  I did it.  I did it and it helped me recover some cognitive skills back.  It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t sell alot of books, it is the simple fact that I completed it. I also learned alot about publishing and writing and editing.  I learned that authors are all an interesting breed with tales spinning in their heads.  It really is interesting, to tap into a resource in your brain that can create a story, characters and bring it all to life.  That’s why I love to write.  My new book I’ve been working on for the past three months I think will be much better.  I know what to look for what to avoid and who to call on when I need help.  It’s that simple.  My true love of life is the sport of surfing though.  It always will be.  I grew up surfing Ocean Beach in San Diego California. I think those days may be over but I have some found memories.  So, that is why I wrote the Sunshine Murders in a nutshell.  It helped me to process stuff.  Weird but it is what it is.  I started  a small site for Indie authors like me to help get noticed.  So, if you are an author, have a book you would like to get more exposure for check this site out.  Just follow the steps and Ill get you on there.  Make sure you post a bio too so people know who you are and can see your smiling face!  Happy Friday!   or    You may have to manually type the address.



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