Thanks To All Who Have Followed Me!

Ok, so I guess I;m a little lame.  I haven’t exressed how thankful I am to all of you who have commented and followed me on my WordPress blog.  I truly appreciate it.  Unbeknown to you this has helped me to stay motivated as I continue to write my Romance/Survival/Suspense book.  Just by reading the positive comments on my blogs I  have realized that I am so much more than my disease.  I am a person who can connect with others, share feelings, express views on life and what it’s all about.  Iv’e learned from YOU that it;s a journey and my road is becoming brighter because of that.  Three years ago I was near the end of my rope literally!  I had enough.  I was sick of it all and sick of trying.  So, once I started writing I learned ow to “Carry on”  The people I have met through here have helped me realize that I Do still have talent.  I don;t have to be an electrician or a  Marine.  Ive done that.  Now I can just be Dave, an aspiring author who is still learning the ropes as I fo along.  So, to all of you who have posted comments, read my blogs and sent me encouraging words I Thank You!  DaveImage,


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