New Book On Audible

So last year I while I was writing or really while I was just trying to figure out what to write I started writing poems.  Most of them were about different scenarios of life, illness,aging and other issues.  I wrote about 20 poems then had it published into a book.  I didnt really think much of this book, it was somewhat brooding and depressing.  But Joseph O Malley who is a narrator on Audible read the book for narration and it came out pretty cool. he added music to it which really helped the flow of the audiobook.  So I was happy with that.  The link to the paperback is here.  While this book was really just me writing about my views on life at the time I don’t necessarily think this reflects how I really think all the time.  It is a somewhat depressing book of poetry.  But, the narration really made me think about it and realize that a book, whether depressing or full of life and laughter has a purpose, to make a person think.  Maybe to allow them to see that their life is not so bad or to allow them to escape their own reality for a minute.  Writing the poetry was my escape from reality.  Living with Aids is the modern world is a bitch.  People will judge and see you as what they see standing before them but probably know nothing about you.  I hate that.  so, either way I thought it was cool just to see that its has become an interesting piece when all put together.  The book Im writing Love Me Till We Die is taking on a whole new life, meaning its really coming together and is full of twists and turns.  I like the story line, and the way its starting to flow together.  But, there will be much editing and rewording and yadayada.  That’s the hard part.  the first draft is the easy part. We will see how it goes.  Ive been trying to see things in a more positive light but it s still hard.  Sometime I feel like I’m waving a white flag around and other times I feel like Im getting better.  I don’t know, life is strange.  I noticed something else on my utube channel.  I posted a video back in August of  of last year.  This video was made when I was struggling a bit more health wise than I am now. Someone had asked me what the symptoms were when I was becoming sick due to Aids.  So, I posted a video response.  The views on it were marginal at first but last month all of a sudden it started getting alot of views, about 100 a day.  So now its becoming that domino effect,  More people watch and then maybe they tell someone and the snowball effect occurs.  Im not ashamed of living with HIV or telling my story.  I think it helps others and myself in the process.  I think that maybe in the end it may save someone from making the same mistakes or let them know what the signs are so if they experience them then they can take the appropriate measures.  Right now its going to hit 5000 views and most of them were in the last month.. so, I dont know whats going on..   I dont monetize the Utube videos and dont plan on it.  I don’t think that is good for my video.  Even the books I wonder if I should even sell them.  The Sunshine Murders is fine, its a fiction book only, it has nothing to do with HIV.  So, I really hoped it would do well.  It hasnt completely flopped though.  It has made sales and reviews.  The book Im writing now is a bit more of an exciting adventure for me.  I really enjoy the writing process.  The book is also easier to write than The Sunshine Murders.  I think Im learning the whole formatting thing as well as how to make the book read better.  Its also pretty suspenseful.  Anything about the end of the world I think would be suspenseful.  So, Im becoming a better writer, little by little.  I didn’t know whether people would like the new book.  so, the preview i put up on amazon gave me an idea of what people are thinking.  I was pleased to see the preview of Love Me Till we Die received a five star review on  That in itself encouraged me to keep writing.  Sometimes that’s all it takes.  So, if you want to read just a little of it check out.  I absolutely love Createspace! It is such a cool publishing platform.  I can’t say enough about it!  So, here is the link to “Love Me Till We Die”   It needs editing still but the general story line unfolds pretty much in the first couple of chapters.  So, if you want to check it out, please do and don’t forget to leave a review and be as critical as possible.  This helps me to fix what needs fixing.  So, to everyone who has helped me to see the brighter side of my life, I thank you.  I may not have met you personally but I know you are out there, reading what I have to say!Image


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