Wilmington Beach Trip!

So, today I took my son to Wilmington Beach in North Carolina.  We packed up the old trusty Chevy Trackerand made a day of it,  After 200 miles of driving east on the 40 freeway we finally got down there and it was a freakin madhouse! I mean it was a zoo!  So the parking sucked so I had to pay 20 bucks for an all day spot in back of a freakin bar!.How funny is that?  So, I paid the cash and the guy says “Hey come back when your done at the beach and we have a barbeque going on,”  Totally cool.  Theses are people I can relate too, not the stuffy folks of Durham NC  who seem  to have the personality and interest of a can of sardines.  Sorry I call it how I see it. So, the beach is packed but the waves were crankin so we went and did some thrashing around in the water.  Its still too cold to really go in without a wetsuit so I didnt really stay in too long.  We played soccer on the beach, threw the frisbee around and checked out the pier and stuff.  It was well worth the trip to get out of Durham and away from the same people who seem to hate everybody who lives around them  I like to drive and explore and check out new things.  I hate being couped up in a house and staring at the walls wondering wtf Im doing.  Besides the successful trip down to the beach I also got my first review of Love Me Till We Die on Createspace in the previews.  So, its just a couple chapters I put up but it got a five star review!  Whooo Hooo!  I must be heading in the right direction with this book,  I still have a long way to go on the book.  Its not even close to being finished but its really moving along.  Im at Chapter ten right now so, Im about half finished.  Here is the preview link.  https://www.createspace.com/pub/community/demo.review.do?id=1122867   Mind you, it still needs editing and some rewriting but Im happy with the story line and characters, Mark and Desirree.  Ok thats all I got, Im typing in the dark right now, so I apologize for the crappy spelling. 


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