Love Me Till We Die Update.

So, I have been writing alot!  I decided to change the story and make the book two separate stories.  The first is Love Me Till Tomorrow  and the second is Love Me Till We Die.  The first book is Mark and Desirree scrambling to find a way out of desert and finding the military compound.  The second is The escape from the compound and the two of them heading west to the coast.  I’m not sure where it will go from there.  But, the water which caused the contamination of the water supply has killed all of the people.  So, the two survivors are trying to find civilization. I dont know if they will make it yet.  They found water and drank some of it.  They had to.  So, they didnt find out about the contamination until they had drank water.  Ive got the first book on Kindle and will update as I go along.  I noticed the title on Kindle is still Love Me Till We Die instead of Love Me Till Tomorrow.  I know, I’m an idiot. So, the book is coming along good.  Its just crazy  to try and stay focused.  Im not going to give away the whole book cause that would be cheating.  I am having fun writing though.

I heard there was an explosion at the Boston Marathon today.  When will it stop?  I dont know, maybe when we stop messing up as a human race and take responsibility for ourselves and quit blaming everyone else.  I think its sad but not surprising.  I see this little cat laying around here and all she wants is peace, like me.  Maybe we are fit for each other.  Today I found her trying to crawl up the door on the outside, yesterday she jumped on top of my car, waiting for me to get out.  It really is strange how cats just want so little, shelter and food and maybe a scratch here and there.  If only we were so simple…


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