Update On New Book

Ok, so many people know I wrote The Surnshine Murders. This was a book I wrote whie recovering from an illness.  When it was finished I wasn;t really happy with it so I got some help with the whole editing thing.  Then when it finally was finished I thought wow that reads much better.  I also learned some tricks of the trade.  But  I havent learned the marketing side of the whole book thing.   I figured if I worte something well it would just go from there.  wrong!  Doesnt work that way!  Especially if your on your own.  You need help when it comes to marketing.  So, I found some sites that offer free exposure for your books.   Even that didn;t really seem to make a huge difference.  So, I figured I would just let it go and see what happens.  Since that time  The Sunshine Murders has sold a few books.  Not alot but enough to let me know that the book isnt a total flop.  So, then I kept writing because it helped with my  extreme anxiety.   I think this happened from the illness from what the docs say.  So then in Novemeber of last year I sterted writing Love Me Till we Die which then turned into Love Me Till Tomorrow and a second book, Love Me Till We Die. So now the first book is finished for the most part. It moves along pretty quick but its also a book that can really make you think…”What would I do If this happened?  I honestly dont know what I would do if there was a plague which wiped out an entire population ad I was left standing there.  Pretty scary.  So, yea it was fun to write I must admit.  I had a good go at it and learned alot about myself in the process.  I would like to figure out how to live with this illness and not go insane but it is what it is.   Just have to hang in there.  My son is graduating from fifth grade soon.   So, it’s on to a school of the Arts I guess for him.  He’s a smart kid and I hope he really goes far in life. I just hope he keeps seeing the bright side of life.  Other than that I keep writing and working out.  Trying to keep my sanity and abstain from shit that fucks me up.  No booze, no smokes, no parties.   Nothing.  I guess Im getting older. 


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