Book Update “Love Me Till We Tomorrow”

So, today I see my book “Love Me Till we Tomorrow” has made it to 121,000 on the Amazon rank.  This from what I hear doesnt really mean you made alot of sales.  It just means that the book has sold more than than most books on Amazon out of a million something Kindle books.  So, seeing that most books sell nada then it could mean I sold one or two.  Haha.  Not important.  what is important is that I start writing and keeping tabs on my work.  Like stay organized.  Im not very organized at all.  I managed to lose my original manuscript of the book when I replaced it with another document.  So, its gone forever from the hard drive except for the Kindle version and lucky for me most of it is on a flash drive.  Im very scattered I know.  So, im happy with the book so far, it seems like it is really coming along.  “Love Me Till Tomorrow” is the first book and the second is “Love Me Till We Die”  The second book is not finished yet so, it will be a while.  Here is the short link to the book.

I see the Boston drama has gotten even more crazy.  I guess they found the guy or killed one of them.  I dont know whats going on anymore.  I think life gets too crazy for people and they flip out.  Thats why I write!  It helps me to stay focused and motivated.  I dont understand how people can completely go over the edge.  Why not just be homeless if your that wacked out?  Why go to extremes?  I mean it would be easier to just bum a buck or fish or whatever for your food and stuff.  Ive been homeless.  It sucked but I made the best of it.  I ate muscles off the jetties and fished and went and cruised around for cans which I would cash in.  I mean jeez, maybe Im old but Ive also learned alot.  So, yea,,,moving on.  Im still writing, editing and plugging along.  It just takes time.  Like anything. 


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