Ok so I have my new book on Authorautomy. Heres the kindle link. Authorautomy seems pretty cool, but you have to publish at least 10,000 words to get seen. I figured since Im such a lame ass I may as well put part of it on there.  Besides I lost my original manuscript so I had to go crazy and try and find where I put it.  On the harddrive?  No….On some paper?  No.  Oh shit where the fuck is it.  Finally after wracking my brain I realized that oh yea, its on a flash drive.  Silly Dave!  So I look and its not all on the flashdrive, only 3/4 of it.  I needed it to do some editing.  Then I  realized I had sent the entire manuscript to a friend of mine in California who thanks god still had it!  So i decided to post it to Authorotomy.  Im not sure what the site is all about but its a cool site with a boatload of books.

  Last night I was reading about HIV dessidents.  These are people who do NOT believe the HIV virus exist.  Many of them live with or HIV/Aids.  Wait, many of lived lived with HIV.  Now they are dying.  Why uh…cause they don;t thake meds and think they can cure themselves by eating raw food and working out (sp) like crazy.  Nah…yer wrong Dumbass!  The HIV virus needs to be treated with meds plain and simple.  These crazy people believe that the meds are toxic and are killing everyone who takes them.  Sure they are fuckin toxic but so is the damn virus!   But to not take them guarantees a life of slow decay.  Ive been pos 18 years now and take my meds daily. Sure they suck  but if I didn’t have them I would die…no fuckin’ doubt.  So, to all you dissedents out there….Wake Up!  

On a lighter not, Love Me Till Tomorrow is a book Im pretty proud of. Not that its a huge novel but that I can see my writing has improved alot.  So, while the hanger outers of Durham NC yell and scream outside about who is buying the next twelve pack, I’m content with writing, editing, learning and connecting.  It just seems to work better.Image


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