Weight Loss Goals

Ok so, I’m trying to lose weight and even though Ive been working out, the weight isn’t coming off enough.  But I went to the VA docs and saw a nutritionist and she weighed me and Ive lost 4.5 pounds in the last month!  So, that’s a big plus for me and I have lost ten in the last year.  I’m cool with that but I need to lose more/ So I joined a thing at the VA called MOVE   Its designed to help those who need weight loss actually lose the weight.  So its all about diet and exercise.  So, I’m going to try my hardest to lose the weight.  ill be 50 in a week and a half.  Jeez never thought Id get that far.  Its just been a rough last few years. So, while that’s a good thing so is the reviews Ive been getting on Love Me Till Tomorrow on Createspace. It does need some tweaking but its got good foundation and flow as someone said in a review. So, it good that I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel. Writing I found is more of a therapeutic thing for me and for a lot of writers. I think deep down most of us know no matter how much we market, tweak, edit and rewrite, we more than likely will never make alot of money doing it. That’s why they have actual jobs I guess. Your supposed to build your reputation over the years and finally you get that bit promotion and yadayada..But its fun to do and create and connect so its worth it in little ways I guess. I’m looking at this weight loss thing a little more serious now. I want to lose at least 20 more and then Ill be doing better. That will put me in the not-overweight range. so wish me luck!


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