Book Update Love Me Till Tomorrow, Love Me Till We Die

So, Im still working on the book, Love Me Till We Die.  It’s still a love story but there is some tragedy behind it all.  Im not going to say what but it has to do with water, drinking water.  So, after the plague has wiped out the entire east coast and Mark And Desiree are heading west to find…survivors…anything really.  So, the story is unfolding like, Mark and Desirree escape the compound which is controlled by the miltary in the Mojave desert.  They escape in a jeep Desiree hot wired.  (See Im all for strong women!  Love them!)  So anyway, they start driving through the desert and they realize that animals are dying, everywhere.  So, here is the latest chapter or two.  Mind you it still needs editing, rewrite bla bla bla…:)

(Chapter Eleven)

The night came on quickly for Mark and Desirree.  By eight o’clock they were ready.  Dinner at the mess tent had been uneventful.  The first officer had done what he could to talk with them. Protocols and daily activities were the norm or the conversation.  The couple had sat at the table with them but had not been conversational.  Small talk mostly.  Desirree thanked the officer for the accommodations but nothing more.  They remained cordial but kept their minds focused on the task at hand.  By eight they were ready.  Mark had the pack ready, ready at a moments notice to throw in the Jeep and go.   Desiree sat in the tent after dinner.
 “I’m ready Mark.”
 “I know, me too.” 
He smiled at her, a weak smile but nevertheless confident they would make it out of the compound.
 “I think we should just go for it.  I know we will be fine.” 
Desirre nodded.  “I know, I know we will.”
 They sat in silence for the next half hour.  Mark checked the knapsack and zipped it up, anticipating the move.   Nine o’clock came quickly, the night was quiet except the occasional snore interrupting the silence from one of the other soldiers in the tents.  By nine thirty they were poised and ready to break.
 “I think this will be fun.  Well, I don’t know about fun but it should be eventful.”
 She laughed.
  Mark smiled and brushed her hair back away from her eyes.
 “Yes…fun.  Somehow I don’t know if it will really be fun.  Maybe a little crazy!”  Desirree laughed quietly.
 “Yea, crazy, I like crazy!”
  The Jeep sat idly in fifty yards away.
 “Let’s go now.”  she said, getting up on her knees.
 “Ok, let’s do this.”
 Mark got up slowly and peered out of the tent.
  “I’m ready, stay quiet.”
  he pulled his jacket up over his head and stepped out of the tent for the last time.   Desirree followed quickly behind.  No lights, no standing guards.  The two trekked across the tent area and fell behind a thick clump of weeds ten yards from the Jeep.
 “You stay here, I’ll signal you. Kiss me for good luck!”
 Mark kissed her softly on the lips.  “I trust you Mark.”  “I trust you Desiree.” She got up and began to to move towards the Jeep.  Mark remained behind the weeds.  She moved quickly through tall grass and to the Jeep.  Mark could see her penlight flicker as she studied the wires of the Jeep.  Sitting behind the wheel she cut the wires carefully.  Touching the wires together she heard what she wanted to hear.  A spark and the crank of the motor trying to engage.   She quickly undid the wires.  She signaled Mark with her left hand.  He slowly crept from behind the clump of grass and to the Jeep.  He hopped in on the passenger side and pulled the knapsack into the vehicle.
 “It’s going to work!”  she whispered.
  “Cool!” Mark said  began to step out of the vehicle.
  “I’ll push us out of here, you steer.”
 She nodded.
 “Got it!”  She whispered.
Mark moved towards the back of the vehicle and pushed.  Nothing.  It wouldn’t budge.  Not an inch.  He pushed harder.  Nothing.
 “What’s wrong?”  Desirree called back in a whisper.
 “She won’t move, maybe it’s stuck.” 
Desirree climbed out of the vehicle and walked back to the Jeep.
 “Ok, let’s both push.”
 She positioned herself behind the Jeep.
 “Ok, on three.  One, two, three!”
 They pushed together as hard as they could.  Nothing.
 “Ok, on three Mark.  Push hard!”
 Again they pushed as hard as they could.  Finally the Jeep nudge forward.  An inch, then two.  They continued pushing and finally they Jeep broke free and started moving forward slowly at first and then a steady roll.
 “It’s working!  I’m getting in, keep pushing Mark.  I’ll turn it over once I get about twenty feet past here.  That’s far enough away from the tents.”
 He kept pushing, the Jeep lurched forward. Finally after a minute, the Jeep was far enough in the clearing.  No guards, coast….clear.  Desirree put the wires together and instantly the Jeep roared to life.
  “Get in!  C’mon baby!”
 Mark ran from the back of the Jeep and jumped in just as Desirree gave the four wheel vehicle gas.
 “Oh, yea!  Good job girl!!”
 Mark settled back in the Jeep as Desirree floored the vehicle and it sped through the clearing out onto what appeared to be a dirt road.  She turned the lights on the Jeep and instantly the road became clear.  Straight shot out of the compound.  She looked behind in the rear view mirror.  Nobody, no one followed.
 “This was too easy Mark.” She smiled.
 Mark looked over at Desirree.  Her hair blew back as she drove, her chistled face illuminated by the moon up above them. 
“Oh, Mark this is so cool.  Aren’t you proud of me?”
  He watched as Desirree drove the Jeep.  “Beautiful.”  he said more to himself than anything else.
 “What?!”  Desirree shouted back over the noise of the motor.
  “I love You!”
 Mark shouted back instantly realizing that yes, he did love this girl.  The girl with the chiseled face and gorgeous figure.  This girl who was smart, funny and adventurous.  “I love you Desirree!”
  She looked over at him as she drove.
  “Oh Mark, do you?  Do you really love me?”  She turned back and focused on the road.
 “Yes!  I do!”  Mark replied louder this time.
 “Oh, I love you too Mark!  We are going to make it!  I trust you, do you trust me?” 
“I do Desirre!  I do love you!”
  She kept driving, down the dusty dirt road, heading west.

Chapter Twelve
A New Problem

     The night wore on as they drove.   “Mark, let’s pull over.”  He rousted from his half sleep haze.  “Yea, let’s. Damn desert is bumpier than I thought.” 
“Yea, it is.” she said.
  He looked over at her.  Her face looked drawn, like she was deep in thought.
 “What’s the matter girl?  You were so happy,  what happened?”
 She pulled the jeep off the road and stopped.
 “I don’t know.  You were kind of nodding out, I didn’t want to wake you.”
  “That’s ok, I wouldn’t of minded.” He wiped some of the mud that had flown up on him from the drive.
 “I…saw something Mark.  I did.”  “What was it? Another Jeep?”
  “No, it was more than that.  Different than that I mean.  I saw…uhmm..dead animals.”
 “Oh, no.  How many?”
 “Too many to count Mark.  All dead.  Like they had just died in their tracks.  It was too weird.”  He could see tears welling up in her eyes .
  “Wow, that is weird.  Take it easy baby, we are fine.”
  “Yea, but…but…what do you think killed them?  The water maybe?”
 He thought a second
. “Yea, the water.  Probably the water.”
  “Mark.”  she looked at him with eyes beginning to stream with tears.
 “We drank the water too.”
 He suddenly realized that , yes they had drank the water.
 “But, we didn’t get sick Desirre.  Do you feel ok?”
 “I feel fine now, but…I don’t know do you think it’s really ok to drink? I mean do you remember what the officer said?  It’s a slow acting poison Mark.”
 Maybe we just havent gotten sick yet.  Oh my god Mark!  Hold me.  I’m scared.”
  He wrapped his arm around her trying to think what to say.
  “No… Desirree.  We are going to be fine.  I just know it. You have to beleive me!”
 She looked into his eyes, her own streaming a flood of tears.
“I really love you Mark.  I really think I do.  Maybe you think I’m just a silly girl, but I love you.  I want us to make it through this.”
“We will!  Have faith my lady.We will Desiree.”
 He held her closely and drops of tears fell upon his shoulders as she sobbed.
She layed her head on his shoulders as he consoled her.
 “I know, I know.  I trust you…I tust you Mark.”
The darkness was overwhelming.  Mark looked up to the sky.  Stars, millions,he thought.
 “I know we will make it.  Help us God.”
She continued to cry, upon his shoulder, softly now.
“I love you Desirre.  I love you.”
The night wore on.  They slept.  A new day began.   The sun again rose over the barren desert illuminating the landscape.  The cactus, the shrubs and tumbleweeds.  It also brought a new light to what was really happening as they drove through the desert. Animals, roadrunners, hyenas, snakes.  All dead.  Hundreds if not thousands as they continued their trek.
 “Oh my god Mark.  Do, you see them all?  They are all dead, all of them.”
 He looked out from the jeep.
 “Yes, I see.  They are all gone I’m afraid.”
 Inside he was worried.  Scared.  Deepy scared.
 “We will be ok Desirree.  I know we will.  Have faith.  I think we may be getting closer.  Out of the desert I mean.  Maybe ten miles I think.”
  “Yes I know, maybe your right.  I can see something through those foothills Mark.  Looks like maybe….I don’t know, a town?  “
He squinted through the windshield which by now was covered with insects, dead from impact with the vehicle. 


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