Second Post and Im Done!

Ok so yea I amy be a blog addict but normally I dont post two times in one day.  But today I was thinking about an old friend of mine who passed away from melanoma cancer a four years ago.  His name was Clint and we went way back to the 70s growing up in Ocean Beach San Diego California.  He was a way cool dude.  We grew up surfing together, partying together and just hanging out at the beach.  He was a true bro and It really saddened me and the other guys from our old OB crew.  He was a former US Army ranger and had a wife and two kids when he passed away.  When he died all of the surf crew paddled out at the pier and said their farewells to Clint.   On numerous times we met up at bars in Ocean Beach when we got a little older and I was in electrical school and he was working as a Supervisor for a big company in SD.  Our surfing back in the 80s and 90s is what kept us all connected for so many years.  So, when he died I was like WTF wer’e all kickin the bucket.  This was a tough dude too!  I mean he was a nice guy to his friends but he wasnt a guy you wanted to cross, not at all.  He smacked a few people down to their knees back in the day not so long ago and I was pretty taken aback by the change when he got pissed off.  But, I was the same way,, I never backed down from a fight and had my own share of beach brawls in my 20s.  But now that we are older I really wonder about stuff.  Like he died at 44 yet I almost kicked the bucket at 42 from meningitis and yet Im here still.  Some things are just the way things are I guess.  I just wanted to share this even though hes been gone a while now. So, say a prayer for his family, Im sure they still need it.Image


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