The DMV!

So this morning Im all panicked worrying about having to take my Drivers License renewal test. I mean Im studying signs last minute like merge in signs and railroad signs, hill signs and slippery when wet signs.( I like that last one  hehe) So I get there and my mind goes blank and then I think to myself damn dude you dealt with four years of electrical theory and and shit plus the Marine Corps and the Navy, cmon get it together ya loser.  So I sit down give them my old license and they have me put my head in that thingy to read signs and stuff. So, I look and it was all signs I already knew off the top of my head!  Hows that for old age!!  Ill be 50 in a week so yea its a mid life crisis deal, I worry about everything,  What I eat, how much I work out, the best way to deal with the dreaded HIV disease and yes my mental health.  I found that writing Love Me Till Tomorrow expresses how I see life.  Like this crazy journey through gas stations, mini marts, shady hotels, shady people and unpredictable and unmanageable situations. So, maybe as Im getting older, wiser and a bit more colorful, Im finding that its not so bad to be me.  I have stress, no doubt about it but when I look at something I wrote now versus something two years ago, I can see a dramatic change for the better.  Not everything in life is perfect.  Im not perfect but for all my flaws and quirks I feel Im becoming more rounded.  The Sunshine Murders is on Book Rix and they emailed me saying they wanted to add the book to the recommended books on the site. So that was cool. Other than that I feel blessed I dont have to take another drivers test for eight more years.  Now I just have to try to live long enough to take another one.Image


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