Love Me Till Tomorrow, A Romance Apocolypse Saga


1980’s Ocean Beach Pier, San Diego Calif.

So, I know I just started this whole new author blog thingamigigy but I’ll try and keep it as informative funny and interesting as possible.  I know nobody really wants to hear some yahoo come on here and promote their book.  Iv;e seen so many people  write blogs talking about how great their new book is and why don;t you check it out on Amazon, after all it’s only 99 cents.  I’m sorry but I feel that’s a sell out.  Obviously if you write a book you should see it as being worth more than a cup of cheap decaf coffee.  Im not talking Starbucks either.  I mean cheap Nescafe rotgut coffee that you buy at the dollar store  Like the real shit stuff. I think the months of writing a book are worth more than that.  I just do.  Im not into mass production baby.  I wanted to write something that interested me, not just possible readers.  So, the book Love Me Till Tomorrow is a book I wrote about a young couple who fall in love after a plague concocted by the government to curb overpopulation goes wrong.  Initially I thought it would be a real short book, like a short story but as I kept writing it seemed to grow and grow and finally I was up to 5,000 words, then 10,000, then 20,000 and yadayada.  I found myself actually being able to visualize the characters I created, feel their struggles and get to know them.  I guess that was my intention.  To create characters that were interesting and that I could sympathize with.  My writing venture is not unlike alot of others Im sure.  I started after contracting Meningitis and almost kickin the bucket in 05.  For two years I contemplated suicide, I went to doctors and asked why is this happeneing to me, why can;t I focus?  Why are things so difficult.  When I got out of the hospital I was pretty messed up, the meningitis had really fried my brain. Like being on acid for months and then your brain says aww fuggit. So writing for me turned into a private therapy lesson.  It helped me regain some cognitive skills and give me purpose.  It wasnt always that way though.  Nope.  Ive been a US Marine and a Navy reservist.  Ive also spent four years as a electrical apprentice learning the ropes of electrical install.  Then ten more years of field work.  So, why didnt I just off myself when it got tough and I saw no future?  Not sure but could be because as a kid growing up in a biker town in San Diego California I saw my own dad suffer from an injury.  Eventually after two years of suffering he said to himself enoughs enough.  He jumped off a 200 and something foot bridge at 43 and killed himself.  So, maybe that’s why.  I don;t know.  I do know if I had done that, well then my book Love Me Till TOmorrow would of never been written.  So, its the little things that so many people dont do for others anymore.  everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie.  I dont want that anymore.  Ive had it.  Nice house, good job, money..all of it.  So, when I see these people they may look at me like yea whatever.  But the stories I have the things Ive seen in life, make me know that I know something they don;t.  That all the shit in the world wont buy you happiness and you can never in a million years take it with you when you die.  My book, well that will be around long after I go.  And, that my friend is priceless…

Hi, welcome to my author blog!



Hi, I am a new author, well relatively new.  I am for the most part like any other author except for one exception.  In 2005 I almost died from meningitis so it makes things a bit more difficult for me to process information. Which is why i started writing!  My first book is a book of fiction which is called The Sunshine Murders.  This book was published last year and I am now finishing up another romance book called Love Me Till Tomorrow.  Both are on Amazon Kindle but the last book is undergoing some editing.  I hope you find these post informative, funny and interesting.  I am a Marine Corps veteran and live in NC. I am always looking to connect with new authors and will be sharing updates as my writing journey continues.  Welcome to my blog!

Book Update and The Veterans Hospital Visit…..

Ok, so the book Love Me Till Tomorrow is getting a facelift, so to speak. Im doing some more editing.  Its going well but I will eventually get a professional editor who edited The Sunshine Murders.  She isnt cheap but really does good work so I guess its worth it. But thats not realy what this post is about.  I went to the Veterans Hospital yesterday and talked with my psyshologist.  Sorry spelling error but you get the message.  So, I go in his office after getting my blood pressure checked and vitals.  My blood pressure was 118 over 75 so its gotten much better.  So, the doc is sitting there and I say hey doc.  Hes a pretty laid back guy and really just smiles alot.  So we start talking about HIV, the menengitis and everything thats happened to me.   He ask me what Ive been up to.  So I told him about The Sunshine Murders and he was all stoked about it.  When I last saw him I was pretty frustrated.  Now he said that he can tell Ive come to the point of acceptance, of having HIV, surviving meningitis and almost dying.  He said that Ive been doing great.  Like Im not in a panic anymore.  I also told him about my workout routine, new friends at the gym and author friends.  So he was all happy about that.  It  made me feel pretty good.  Yesterday morning I went and worked out and my leg presses have been paying off.  Two years ago I could barely push 25 pounds up with my leg because of an injury and yesterday after a couple months training doing 240 pound leg presses I figured I could push the envelope. I leg pressed 450 pounds ten times! So thats cool.   Its been working.  My brain is what needs help.  So, with that said, Im going back to my editing. 

New Book Update

So, the book “Love me Till Tomorrow” is on Amazon now but just on Kindle.  I am still editing ere and there and eventually Ill combine two books. 

The story is really interesting, its about the end of the world as we know it.  Two survivors Mark and Desiree survive an aurline crash leaving New York in the Mojave Desert. From there it gets alittle crazy.  They fall in love as they try and scrape by, run into wild animals and a military compound and finally end up finding a town just outside of the Desert.  Unfortunately everyone is dead.  The plague was concocted by the U.S. government to curb population overgrowth.  So, that;s the basic story but it really is a romance book about the two as they go about their survival quest.  I am not a crazy great author.  I only started writing to help with some cognitive issues from my illness.  So, I know it needs work but at least I tried.

Today I went to the gym and walked about six miles and talked with a sheriff that I had met a couple months ago.  He said there was another shooting in Raleigh or something and that its usually kids doing it.  He said its all because the parents dont know what the hell they are doing and then nobody wants to get involved.  I mean yea, its true I see it alot.  We had a shooting last week and it scared my son half to death because it was too damn close for comfort.  The gym is the only place I can go to find any solice anymore.  Sometimes I just want to sleep because the HIV has really beaten me down.  Physically I am still very healthy and just hit the 50 mark.  Ironically the sheriff guy tells me he;s 50 too and he turned 50 two days before me..  Hows that for a concidence?  I got my new drivers license because it needed renewing and wow, its good until 2021!  Thats along time man.  Hopefully Ill make it that long to renew again.  Its been almost twenty years now that Ive been pos but most people dont know me to be.  I dont have any telltale signs but then I would think if people take their  meds they shouldnt.  So, thats a good thing.  I still really like to write alot.  I think its my passion but I also write blogs for people.  I think Ill be weaning myself off of that though.  Im tired of writing them.  I know how to write a decent blog and make some money but I honestly don’t want to put up the effort anymore if the pay sucks.  A typical 500 word blog Ill charge fifteen bucks for.  But with that Ill research the thing, format correctly, spell check and insert pictures.  The  only problem is some of the request are pretty boring or weird or whatever.  Id much rather focus on my book. Sp, thats the deal there.  I really am trying but as the better half says you really dont have to do anything. You already did what you had to do. The book writing is so much more fun that sweating my ass off in an attic installing electrical stuff.  I guess there comes a time in everyones lives when they realize its time to let go and let god’s will take over and guide them.  Image

Happy 50th

So, Im saying Happy Bday to me.  It wouldnt be a big deal but it is to me simply because I made it (almost) to half a century mark.  Tomorrow is the big day.  Its also been about eoght years since falling ill with meningitis and the dreaded (A) virus.  I never thought I would make it this far.  I really didnt and there have been days when I honestly wished they would of let me go when I was hospitalized.  It is such a weakening disease.  However today I am strong and healthy for the most part.  Yesterday I leg pressed 300 pounds about 25 times. I also have been pressing 240 25×4 reps.  Plus treadmilling about four miles a day. Five on good ones.  So its been rewarding.  I have also written three books since my hospitalization.   My Life A Life Story Of A Man Infected, The Sunshine Murders and lastly Love Me Till Tomorrow.  I feel these were an accomplishment simply because I was so messed up when I was hospitalized they thought I would have major brain damage or be in a wheelchair.  Its hard though, I get lost in parking lots, I lose my car, I lose my wallet I have a hard time with focus.  But I am me with all my flaws.  So, I thank G)d for allowing me to survive this long, to watch my son grow and see him flourish and become a well grounded boy.  He was only two when I fell ill and the time has flown.  I only hope for another eight years to see what  may come my way.  The book thing is going well, my writing has improved but Ive taken a break.  A break to reflect on what I have done thats right and what wrong.  I have no real answers.  Its just life and the way we live is up to us, ill or not.  Ive learned alot grew and met some wonderful people on my writing venture. So, without them Im sure I may not of made it to this point in life.