Happy 50th

So, Im saying Happy Bday to me.  It wouldnt be a big deal but it is to me simply because I made it (almost) to half a century mark.  Tomorrow is the big day.  Its also been about eoght years since falling ill with meningitis and the dreaded (A) virus.  I never thought I would make it this far.  I really didnt and there have been days when I honestly wished they would of let me go when I was hospitalized.  It is such a weakening disease.  However today I am strong and healthy for the most part.  Yesterday I leg pressed 300 pounds about 25 times. I also have been pressing 240 25×4 reps.  Plus treadmilling about four miles a day. Five on good ones.  So its been rewarding.  I have also written three books since my hospitalization.   My Life A Life Story Of A Man Infected, The Sunshine Murders and lastly Love Me Till Tomorrow.  I feel these were an accomplishment simply because I was so messed up when I was hospitalized they thought I would have major brain damage or be in a wheelchair.  Its hard though, I get lost in parking lots, I lose my car, I lose my wallet I have a hard time with focus.  But I am me with all my flaws.  So, I thank G)d for allowing me to survive this long, to watch my son grow and see him flourish and become a well grounded boy.  He was only two when I fell ill and the time has flown.  I only hope for another eight years to see what  may come my way.  The book thing is going well, my writing has improved but Ive taken a break.  A break to reflect on what I have done thats right and what wrong.  I have no real answers.  Its just life and the way we live is up to us, ill or not.  Ive learned alot grew and met some wonderful people on my writing venture. So, without them Im sure I may not of made it to this point in life.


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