Book Update and The Veterans Hospital Visit…..

Ok, so the book Love Me Till Tomorrow is getting a facelift, so to speak. Im doing some more editing.  Its going well but I will eventually get a professional editor who edited The Sunshine Murders.  She isnt cheap but really does good work so I guess its worth it. But thats not realy what this post is about.  I went to the Veterans Hospital yesterday and talked with my psyshologist.  Sorry spelling error but you get the message.  So, I go in his office after getting my blood pressure checked and vitals.  My blood pressure was 118 over 75 so its gotten much better.  So, the doc is sitting there and I say hey doc.  Hes a pretty laid back guy and really just smiles alot.  So we start talking about HIV, the menengitis and everything thats happened to me.   He ask me what Ive been up to.  So I told him about The Sunshine Murders and he was all stoked about it.  When I last saw him I was pretty frustrated.  Now he said that he can tell Ive come to the point of acceptance, of having HIV, surviving meningitis and almost dying.  He said that Ive been doing great.  Like Im not in a panic anymore.  I also told him about my workout routine, new friends at the gym and author friends.  So he was all happy about that.  It  made me feel pretty good.  Yesterday morning I went and worked out and my leg presses have been paying off.  Two years ago I could barely push 25 pounds up with my leg because of an injury and yesterday after a couple months training doing 240 pound leg presses I figured I could push the envelope. I leg pressed 450 pounds ten times! So thats cool.   Its been working.  My brain is what needs help.  So, with that said, Im going back to my editing. 


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